Doubt which one to leave to the maximum Magni or Isarnia

Good morning all.

I’m about to level up, another blue. But I have doubts.

I already have a Magni Full.
I have another to be elevated, but I also have Insarnia. Along with Richard and Thorne, but these I discard.

I wonder if I take another Magni, or should I have another option, with Insarnia

at the moment my defense is relatively good. With Delilah, Aeron, Tumbler Digger (Brazilian Translation), along with a Magni.

I’m in doubt, because the Insarnia special is good against Titans. But slowly, it leaves me with a flea behind my ear.

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I don’t have Isarnia leveled up, but members of my alliance have sworn, she’s absolutely awesome against titans and they are trustworthy :wink:


Isarnia is a beast. I have had her at 70 for a while till I finally got my last telescope.

I do not have Magni so didn’t have much of a decision.

But for fast I have Joon, Lianna, Drake


Please… I must know… some1 pls work out Tumbler Digger because this sounds much more awesome than the heroes that we English speakers have.

Where’s my Tumbler Digger!


If u have a Magni, surely a Isarnia is a logical choice for capes and telescopes b4 a 2nd Magni?


I am going to agree. Some of the translations are pretty cool compared to the english version.


She’s a goddess. Serious tile damage (and that is -big-), and her debuff hits every opponent very hard, softening them up, so her AoE is a true tide turner.

I use her in a team with Boldtusk and Justice. Slow AoE may feel sluggish for those used to fast snipers, but flip enough tiles and you get a deadly bombardment like no other.

You may need to adjust your puzzle strategy to get the best out of her and the other slow AoE’s: more focus on flipping as many tiles as possible, less on getting snipers to fire.


I’d go with second Magni.
He is puer damage dealer, you can use if it in 2 teams in war … and he can stack to hit fire titans to get best hits.
Isrenia has on other hand a debuff reduces the deff of all enemies but her skill aint doing that good damage and some guy like Richard can remove her debuff.
Magni has no anti effect. He is just built to kill.

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True, there are always free translations.


Not the same as having it on the card :slight_smile:

2 Magnis, whit grimm e sonia. in the Titan red, ohhhhh thats so fun


but I’m not sure yet

i Dream whit Lianna.
i have all itens for 2 green.
But no green heroes.

point to be considered

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Isarnia first. Second Magni before Richard or Thorne


I’m actually in a fairly similar situation, I’ve got a maxed Magni, then Isarnia at 3/60, and a 2nd Magni and also a Richard - the last 2 completely unleveled.

Since I do have Isarnia at 3/60, I’ve already been able to get some experience with her (on Titans and wars mostly), and I’m liking her more and more. Not just for Titans, but also 2 war hits where she dealt blows almost deciding the whole battle.

So once I have the capes and scopes, I will take Isarnia to max without hesitation, before starting on 2nd Magni… and in a thousand years or so I may have more capes and scopes for Richard too. :stuck_out_tongue:

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so I did not want to make a mistake, because it will take a long time to get more items.

This! :slight_smile:


Normally i dont push myself in other threads for my belongings, but i wanna ask if i have isarnia 3 70 and has kirin in my defense team in the corner as healer and defense buff. Should i ascend her? Is she good at def team too?
I am still hoping to get aegir…

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If the decision is not clear to make, do not make it.

Will you be making summonses at either of the upcoming events? If so, simply accumulate resources. Whether you pull a good blue or not, you are not losing ground.

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