Doubt over mana acceleration

Good afternoon guys! Excuse my English.

Doubt Ex.
My defense, green hero receiving green stones accelerates the loading of mana for being of the same element??

Mana charges in two ways for defense:

  • When a turn finishes, every defending hero gets 1 tile worth of mana.
  • When a tile hits a defending hero, the hero gets 0.5 tiles worth of mana per tile.

It’s not dependent on color of tiles that hit that hero.


So a green hero is struck by any color of stones will their loading always be the same? Does not the color of the stones affect the elements?


Not on defense. The only thing that color affects is the damage done (weak, neutral, or strong)


No they dont! No matter the colour of the stones the heroes will charge always at the same rate.

unless you have Onatel… onatel will steal the mana from the stones of the heroes colours her special is aplied to…

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Or you have Guini or Hell or Mitsuko to steal your mana like Grinch Christmas presents. :wink:

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The evidence is equivocal on this point.


And to further complicate matters, cascades give mana to struck defenders at a different rate best described by :man_shrugging:


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