Doubt of the new version 25.1.2

in the new version 25.1.2 Epic Match 3 is announced but nowhere do they give information about it or at least I could not find their explanation anyone has any data about it since already thank you very much

Here is news in forum: Version 25.1.2 Update Available

The point are, bugs fix for Autocorrect issue on iOS & Stylus/S-Pen issue with Samsung Note 8/10.


God save us. Each update makes the game more flaky. I have to say, however, I do like the “turbo” mode when enabled: all game actions take one third of the time. It is freaking awesome. Epic death and destruction; if only it were predictable…

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Hi, what is “turbo” mode, please?

I imagine it refers to the automatic mode which the game interacts just by pressing the icon in the upper right next to the icon of the battle

if you read the info you realize that it doesn’t talk about Epic Match 3

the question is what is Epic Match 3

It is a new form of the game …
a new form of combat or assault …
a new update is coming …

or simply a new way of calling the game and the way in which 3 pieces of the board are combined

this is the question

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It’s when you match 3 diamonds of the same element and your phone explodes!! Quite the show…shame you only get to see it once :wink:


Depends how many phones you have and how many of your friend’s phones you can borrow(recommended route to go btw, much cheaper)

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What is Legendary Match 4? I cannot find any information.

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Also on strength of the explosion :joy:


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