Doubling red

I have mats now to max both a 4* and a 5* red hero. The likely first move will be the 4* since my 5s are Natalya and Azlar who I have but not who I want.

The choices among the 4s were Colen, Gormek, G Falcon and BT. I narrowed it down to Boldtusk vs Falcon as I see them as sidekicks to the hitters.

My current thought is to max the bird as he adds an attacking special with a defense debuff vs fire. Also, my Kiril can replace the heal while adding to defense while giving up little in the attack buff.

This seems to make sense for raids and titans. Does anyone feel differently?

Thx for reading

I use falcon on my 3200 power team and have taken out teams about 1000 power above mine. Joon Wu Falcon BT and Marjana. Azlar is very good btw…worth maxing.

I will most likely max Azlar. Just hoping for Marjana or Khagan.


Khagan sucks. Just a limited role on defense. Marjana is great, but Azlar is just as good or better. Any sniper…joon sartana marjana etc are awesome for offense and defense, but azlar can tank somewhat as well and when he goes off it’s most likely game over. I like kiril, but if you’re going to use Falcon might as well up the damage and use bold with him so 3 reds. With it i’m still doing 125-1250 damage in raids when wu also activates.

Saw your colors and shuddered remembering those all blue boards. Lol

Lol it’s fun. I go for the raids as fun. Magni is prob the hardest for me to take down followed by justice. Ares, Alberich, Zeline…even Guin have gone down. Magni as he’s such a beast…charges up so quick and his defense skill makes me barely scratch him. Great center even if Arthur is a better tank.

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