Double wu Kong

I’m not sure if this has already been covered but I didn’t find it in the search bar. Sorry if it’s already been covered. If not… has anyone had luck doubling up on wu Kong? I was thinking 2 wu Kong’s would absolutely destroy a titan. Or am I being too ambitious? I already use 3 yellows against a purple titan. Would their special compound? Thanks in advance for any input

The specials don’t stack. They just replace the older one with the newer one. It’s not a terrible idea, more uptime without mana potions and they’re both over 700 attack power. I’ve done it vs purple titans…


Although the effects do not stack, double Wu is not a bad idea. Wu has high attack, low defense, so:
A. Doubling increases your tile damage more than adding, say, Li Xiu to the mix
B. The Titan may kill one Wu quickly but can’t kill two as quickly, so you’ll have him longer
C. They will be both get powered up at the same moment on offense, but you can delay firing the second one, giving you better Gambers Stance coverage


How many would I need to write the entire works of Shakespeare :thinking:


Given sufficient time, one. :innocent:


You’re not living life, until you’re playing TRIPLE Wu Kong! :monkey::monkey::monkey:


Thanks for the input. I’m going to bring another wu up even if they don’t stack. I couldn’t be so lucky!

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