Double win in raid revenge

Enemy able to win raid revenge more than once,. I don’t think this normal

Nothing isn’t normal in this game


Do you have a Screenshot?

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I do!

What I thought. That’s your defense winning. It’s green, if you loose it would be red.
His only win is on top, over his 2 losses.

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But of course!!! I really had a brain lapse on this one. Thanks!!

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There is tons bugs and issues and they are so disgusting and keep forcing us for money but they are not getting any i putted on black list this game on the website for recommended games in my country also on another website i am member also many members being sabotaged for telling the truth like that gonna stop us. Howmany times we will play the same event what happened with other events low payers or no paying players cannot win heroes from this event and they know that latest levels on this event are beyond disgusting heroes have enormous amount of health and who knows how much armor because its not showing the heroes with damage return not returning the percent that says in the description not to mention about Wo Kong missing 90% and says 30 to finish this levels you must spend enormous amount of money and resources and even if you succeed you will get what 2 emblems? Tornadoes and Time Stop cost extreme and you must wait enormous amount of time to be created which adds to the enourmous frustration that is already here. Resources are very hard to get and very easy spendable every its about grabbing money and this developers lost touch with the reality they just releasing new updates and they say balanced this balanced that nothing its balanced only bug fixing that never are really fixed nothing its balanced in other games you can buy other old heroes with gems without spending money here 3 freaking years i cannot win Lianna 3 months in a Row the same event Slayers when Guardians gonna come Forest or Pirates or Mercy system will be implemented like other games with a lot better effects and in 3D some of them. Its time to lower the cost of some resources and the time the buildings are build every so long expensive and irritating and frustrating and totally disgusting!

I think the enemy suffered a connection problem and it caused a double loss.

I suffered it sometimes and I lose double cups.

It’s a bug.

Recently two months raid battle is ridiculous power 4915 is hard battle with 4350 / 4400. It said that we bought heroes caN fight hard but jewel colour is bad and hard to matching. I think some jerk psychos make this happen. They make this tragedy happen to us.

Hi. Is this due to the rematching because I’m like how are they able to raid me so many times, take so many trophies while we can raid them only once & get back a1/3 or maybe half back? Wow!!!

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