Double War Chest


When some guy resolve to do this, what’ll happen?

The first chest will open automaticly pop up on the screen and make room for the new one?

Both chests will be waiting to be manually opened in a sequence?

The first chest will be lost and the new one take theyr place?

This is just a cosmetic bug. There’s only one chest, once you open it, it’ll update to the number of points they currently have.

No, he just saved and not open the first chest for days and the new wars continue to filling the new bar.
I do not post this on Bug & Issues section, this is a genuine way to happen and my community are curious.

Ok. I’ve had that happen to me but in the context I described above. In that case, I don’t know.

No idea.

Player can just open the filled war chest. No need to risk it.

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I asked this question of SG months ago. What they told me is that you lose one of the chests if you do not open the first one. In short, don’t do this!


Um, isn’t it just that they have a previous chest filled, and have now almost filled a second, without emptying the first?

Empty the first now and the second will remain at 24/25, and then get one more warpoint for the next chest. Simple

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And one more thing, I wouldn’t be surprised if the first one was empty, as the player may have been opted out for the entire chest duration, which is why they forgot to empty it perhaps

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