Double, triple or even more the same hero's

I am sure I have read somewhere that @KiraSG posted somewhere that SG knows that HA is no sollution for the double (or even more) hero’s players are now saving.
In my case I am 2 TC20 continually for about 2 years now and still not have all the s1 5* hero’s. On the other hand I am having 7 Sartana in my inventory now… Yes it could be worse but already fed away some real problem hero’s that are double or more.

After the initial post by Kira I haven’t heard or read anything about the new feature they are working on anymore.
Is there a chance we could get an update on this?
My roster is getting more and more clogged with hero’s of the 5* level that I will not be levelling. Feeding them away is always an option but when there is a ‘better’ use for them in the future, I might hold on to them for some time.


There was a good idea for a way to utilise duplicates posted a while back:

At the very least they could give us some more hero slots in the meantime while they are developing the new feature, instead of making us hold onto annoying dupes in the hope of them someday having a use.


Well, TC20 could give the option of “Repeat course” which means → Get back to the TC for 2 days and give me another hero. with only 1 chance: So you can reject your 5th Obakan and get either a Marjana or a Nashgar. It would be fun.


Hey there,

I would keep all 5* heroes including duplicates, considering you get very little experience for feeding them to other heroes, there is also the option to use the Hero Academy and more curiously (to me anyway) is we don’t know what SG has in store for us in future.

I would rather keep them and not need them than not have them and need them.

All the best.


I’m not sure there is one. I can ask, but if it is being worked on and not far enough along, I wouldn’t expect an answer.


I see and understand that Hero Academy is really not the solution to the dupes of epic and legendary heroes in our inventory. But soon, I will be contributing to the results of retraining legendary heroes to this thread: Hero Academy level 10 - Results & Reporting, and hopefully be able to snag Hel, Zeline, Delilah and Zimkitha, and even for collection purposes other heroes I don’t have, including Isarnia, Elena, Horghall, Quintus and Obakan, the Season 1 legendaries still lacking in my inventory. Hopefully, in the near future, new buildings will be unlocked, including one where players will be allowed to trade either between each other or thru the NPC.

I believe some elite players have already resolved this problem by feeding some of their useless or dupe legendaries by feeding them to their other better heroes. Some of them rarely buys the Hero Cap Increase from the in-game Shop. May I know what was the though process then, @Uclapack and other forum-users here who did so?

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Lack of patience and didn’t want to buy a ton of hero cap increases. No need to keep heroes that I’ll never have the mats to ascend. If I didn’t have options for my mats then I would have kept some extra duplicates. Honestly I don’t regret feeding any of them. The good ones I kept multiples of.


I fed one Horghall and two Obakans before. Like uclapack said I dont plan keeping heroes I won’t ever be able to max. Or even if I did have the mats I wouldn’t use on them.

Nowadays I keep them for burning them at that crappy academy when I max it. But I’m not excited. I’m ready for throwing millions of food and iron to trash and keep getting s1 heroes.

I have a second MokArr nowadays too, double Richard, 4 Domitias. Good heroes but sadly they wont have any use.

The lack of support on doubles was one of the crucial points that made me turn f2p.


Thanks for sharing, @Uclapack and @Polentinha .

I haven’t fed any of my legendary dupes… YET. I will know soon once my Hero Academy is done as I have several heroes lined up for HA10 function. It may take a while but once I am done retraining them but only getting futile results, say retrain one of my five Khagan only to net me another Domitia, which would become my 6th copy of the same hero. If that happens at least thrice, I am quitting HA10 and feed those dupe legendaries to free up hero slots. Unlike some players who brandish a lot of multiple copies of the same HOTMs on YouTube, I think I am lucky enough (or cheap enough during summoning) not to exceed 2 of the same HOTMs in Vela, Clarissa, Evelyn and Zocc during their month of release as HOTM. GM x3 is an exception since I only obtained him from Atlantis, ToL1 and ToL2 and not during June 2018 when he was released as HOTM. I am even chuckling at some players on YouTube getting the same HOTMs in at least 6 copies. Imagine the money spent just to get those same HOTMs.


No problem!!! You’re welcome.

I’ve seen a Russian youtuber with like 5 or 6 Alices. Can’t imagine the insane amount of pulls…

I’ve fed Horg and two Obas when I was super excited for maxing Khiona lol one of my biggest regrets. Wish I could get those tabbards back instead of retraining 5* that I wont ever use to… other 5* that I wont ever use.

I was not thinking about this until this post since I haven’t did much pulls since March, when the game started to feel strange with you know what.

But now I’ve spend some minutes looking at my cards and seriously - there are at least 10 legendary heroes that I absolutely have no plans for them. It means 7 days per retrain in the sh*t academy… 70 days trying to make something useful from them.

It’s tiring just after thinking. I also only own enough materials to max 1 hero of each element, except nature because I have 18 tonics, so I could max 3. I am currently maxing a double Lianna after I’ve got her costume but that’s it. There’s not a motivation for doing any more pulls.

Like I’ve said before, it’s like SGG doesn’t want us to be loyal and long life players. They just want us to spend like crazy and accumulate heroes until we realise we wont be able to max all them go casual and slowly quit.

They tried to suggest that Hero Crapedemy would fix the doubles but it was a undesirable and poor planned, greedy and stubborn attitude in format of a building.

Besides, grats on multiple Gravies. Be sure to dont retrain one of them for a 98th Sartana. :smile:


Sometimes I wish those dupes could be converted to shards…maybe Heroshard or something ( and of different rarities, legendary shard, epic shard etc based on the hero used for the conversion).

Then depending on the set quantity of shards , the shard can then be rolled to give chance at heroes not in my roster…slightly different from what is being done at the Alchemy,…whereas in this case, legendary shards roll for legendary , epic shards to roll for epic etc

Hopeful, that would be enough motivation for me to stop feeding those dupe Horghalls…


هل هناك امل بالحصول على بطل غير تقليدي في الأكاديمية… منذ عدة أشهر اقوم بتبديل الابطال ولكن دون فائدة

Why only get season one heroes when retraining. Valhalla should get another Valhalla…etc.

I really like this idea. Even if there’s a chance at another season 3. 10% or some incentive to go through the process of retraining.