Double Titan Kill

Wow! This just happened, didnt think it ever would. Has anyone else seen it or herd if its happened before. Both of our titan kills went up

The time was the same when i first checked


Just means you were both hitting it when it went to zero. No big. 1 kill.


Yeah i should of worded that better. Can two kill the titan at the same time lol and both end up with the kill

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It is a nothing more than a computer generated process thus it reads and registers hits as they happen no matter how fast or how many hit it at the same time. It is impossible for a computer to register 2 hits at EXACTLY that same split milli second as one has to follow the the other.

This means the last registered hit would have gone on top as the one that killed the titan, the fact that you both got the same score would have nothing to do with it at all.

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Maybe I’m misunderstanding you, but I don’t think this is true. Here are a few scenarios assuming a titan has 10k left:

  1. Two people hit at the same time. Both score 10k. Both get credit for killing titan in their stats.
  2. Two people hit at the same time. One gets 10k and other less. Person who gets 10k only gets kill, regardless of who went first.
  3. Two people hit at the same time. Neither get 10k but in total they get 10k. Titan dies but nobody gets the kill.

All that but one important fact remains - you get no bonus for the kill shot.


Maybe but that would mean the hits are counted based on the points total and not who hit it last, that could be and if so then I guess that’s the way the is designed to be.

It doesn’t matter who goes first, it’s who got the last strike in that killed the titan that matters but again this only suggests as stated above that it is total score based and not using the last hit. Again it may be.

Either way it doesn’t change the outcome other than who gets the last hit allocated to them.

Agreed. Either one or both of us is wrong. Wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been wrong. Maybe someone else would chime in.

I’m pretty sure though titan kill is a function of what happens on YOUR screen. Meaning, if you hit it and see it die, it’s a finishing strike. If you don’t, it’s not. And two people (or more) can get a kill on the same titan.

I’ve had a Titan w under 6k left, hit for 15+k on my first hit but someone else was already hitting it and they got kill credit bc their damage that took it to zero happened before mine.

I’ve had multiple times where I hit a near dead Titan and for a second or two my score is the last one registered on the board indicating I’m the kill shot, but upon refresh it reports someone else last and me 2nd last and I don’t get credit in stats for the kill.

As such I think only 1 person gets kill credit per Titan.

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These threads here seem to support my understanding of how it works.


I’ve seen one die and not got credit for it because someone else was also attacking (and I guess killed it before I killed it). Was only notable because it was the first time I’d seen one die and was surprised I didn’t get credit. Was over a year ago though, so maybe it’s changed.

In any case, as you pointed out, not like you get anything for it. :slight_smile:


Ok, my score that i got was what was left to kill the titan. Mel had gone before me then we must of attacked at the same time not knowing but weve ended up with the last points left from the titan

That’s the way you would expect it be working, makes more sense.

Based on your included threads it seems like anything goes and no one really knows for sure other than every option is possible, lol.

I doubt there is anything else to say in this case and as stated by some, whether you get the kill strike allocated to you or not it all means nothing at the end of the day other than personal satisfaction.

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Thank you! You’re too kind.

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Look at our little @mod-in-training @littleKAF giving sound advice!