Double the Losses

Been kicked off the game SEVERAL times when taking revenge for a raid only to log back n to find 2 losses. If lose again counts as 3rd loss & no revenge. Sometimes game will reload hours later & finally grant a 3rd try for revenge. This is NOT about trophies, but opponent won 18 in raid: I lost 88 in 2 revenge attempts. How is this fair? Please fix.

Same thing happens to me, every time the game crashes during a raid it registers two losses instead of one, in the exact same minute from the same player i was battling during the crash, which is virtually impossible. I have raised this to support and am waiting for an answer still.

Connection issues are almost always on our end. Can be bad connection or old device. It’s hurt me multiple times,but it’s not a bug per se.

Yes, connection issues are hard to troubleshoot but showing double loss in watch tower after a disconnect or crash is a bug. Got a response from support today, that this is just a visual issue and no double deduction of points happens. It would be good to fix it though as it causes confusion, plus you cannot revenge that person anymore, as it counts as two losses even though it was one.

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