Double Taunt Advice?

I got Kara a couple months ago and just got Black Knight with Costume, with the pair I thought I might try a double taunt team. Especially for War Defense. Any thoughts or advice on how to set this up/support them? I was thinking a healer like Azmi and a pair of big damage dealers Rayne and Guan Yu.

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I ran double taunt as my raid defence for ages (but note the formation … not permissible for war)

It did ok … but I’m no expert.
I’ve recently changed to something different.

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I have encountered a few double taunt teams and don’t find them to be overbearing on defense. The reason is that a single dispel wipes out both of the taunts at once and if you put like a counter hero in the middle then 2 of the 3 heroes with the counter would lose that buff as well. Rather I like to run them separately, but you are welcome to try out a Azmia or a Brynhild and see how you like the setup.


I’ve experimented with a lot of Double Taunt and Taunt-Riposte defenses

The key as mentioned above is to try and make them undispellable. The Wolf family bonus is not applicable for you, so Brynhild in the middle of the W formation would be your best shot. The biggest problem with her is she only heals 3.

I would try a BK - Brynhild - Kara/Azmia middle three with 2 fast big hitters in the wings


The star for double taunters is costume Sabina. She’s always used for those lineups and it happens more than I expected on high level defenses.


Agree completely…

I have Ludwig, Krampus and Kara. Have tested pairing Ludwig and Krampus on my raid defense. Doesn’t hold up as well as when using only one taunt hero.

…and when I go up against double taunt teams, my 4* dispellers (Melendor, Sonya, Caedmon, Ametrine, Xiahou Dun) have a field day… Pretty easy to wipe out their taunts/buffs

Still waiting for C Sabina to grace my roster… She’s been harder to obtain than some legendaries!!

But I lucked out recently and pulled C Guardian Panther on some free coin pulls… makes it almost too easy to incapacitate taunt teams :grinning:

Wish i had that costume sabina, regular sabina was my first 4*… maybe when the second costume comes out i can get her.

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You and me both, I’m sitting on a maxed out vanilla Sabina, Rigard, and Tibertus (my first 4 stars) just waiting for those costumes.

@Draerius Do you have Mist? She is excellent for preventing buffs on your opponent too if you can fire her first. I often bring her against taunters that aren’t Queen of Hearts.

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In my humble opinion, it is pointless to use two taunters on defence. If their specials overlap, they both take damage as opposed to just one of them and I do not believe the damage is shared, they each get the full damage dealt. Why subject another hero to the damage if you can limit it to one? On offence, you can time their specials so that they don’t overlap and you can possibly have constant coverage split between two taunters sot here it makes sense. On defence, AI is not smart enough to hold off firing a special so it becomes a detriment to having 2 taunters.

I do have mist, i find her rather squishy and dont use often… i will need her emblems when Aino is maxed so likely wont use after that.

@Draerius You are right, she can be squishy. I typically use her in a holy mono where Gazelle is present so I suppose that mitigates her squishiness and I don’t notice it that much. It could very well be that outside of this scenario, she is not very usable. In any case, she is an option if you don’t have dispellers. By the way, I also find Mist very amusing to use against gargoyles as she also prevents Stoneskin. Happy gaming!