Double tapping in wars

Can anybody explain to me why many alliances frown upon double tapping in wars? I fail to see why it is seen as a bad thing to do.

No idea, what double tapping in war means. Can someone explain, please?

I suspect two main reasons: (1) to avoid somebody getting into “rage mode” and using 3 flags unnecessarily and (2) to leave something for players needing a cleanup to participate at all.

@Sh3r1ff Double tapping means to attack twice on the same team in quick succession.


I agree, exactly this.

It’s so tempting to keep wasting flags on ‘revenge’ :angry::angry:


I’ve seen the directive swing both ways. End of the day theres what the alliance says, what you think is best, and what is probably the best in any given circumstance which could be either rof the above. Try to follow what your alliance says but if there is a reasonable reason for doing elsewise (e.g. you have a cleanup team that fits well with the mess you just left in aisle 3) then ask if you can hit it again. Some alliances will be more flexible than others…

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Our alliance is actually on the other side of this issue. It is considered bad form to clean a target without first checking to see if the original attacker is done with it or not.

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First off, “double tapping” is when you strike the same defence twice in a row. Usually because your first attempt failed at killing them off.

As for why it’s frowned upon, this isn’t necessarily true of all levels of alliances. In Small-to-mid game alliances, it is frowned upon. But in high level alliances it’s actually required…

Let me explain more:

If you are in a low to mid tier alliance, Double Tapping has two major downsides which have been highlighted above:

  1. You can get tunnel vision and just start wasting your own flags on the same defence… I have seen players burn 4+ flags on the same defence & not make any progress… This is just wasteful & annoying to the rest of your team…
    Take a breath, find someone else to target & move on.

  2. You remove a “clean-up”… In many small to mid level alliances, the majority of players will have 1-2 (sometimes 3-4 or 5) flags which are designated as “clean-up” or “tank-bust” flags… meaning they aren’t strong enough to take on a full defence team…
    By “double tapping” you steal that flag from an ally… So not only are you potentially reducing the effectivness of your OWN flag, you are also wasting your allies flag too as they will be forced to use it on a less ideal scenario (e.g. trying to “tank bust” another defence).

When you get to higher alliances, where all members have 5-6 strong teams, the pattern shifts… In this scenario, all alliance members are strong & capable of (with decent boards) going 6/6. In this scenario there is no value in leaving the “clean-up” for another alliance member (unless signalled by said members) as all players are equally strong.

In this scenario it becomes more of a “you made the mess, you clean it up”.

There are still caveats to this obviously.

  1. When an ally calls that they only have a “clean-up flag” left; and
  2. No rage hitting… Same as above, you can get tunnel vision and really just make stupid mistakes in your anger.

Hope that makes sense :slight_smile:


Excellent reply, thank you. What you wrote makes lots of sense.

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My goodness. This right here. Thank you so much for taking the time to explain in depth like that.

As a new player, it can be difficult to understand the core of the game and all the inns and outs, so to say; this helps me our greatly. Thank you.


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