Double stacking issues in raids


I started to notice recently that the tile layout when stacking heroes has become increasing limited on the colors that you are stacked. If you aren’t using specific colors, the board will be loaded with those colors. Is this something new because previously when color stacking the boards had an almost equal amount of each color tile. Recently, even before the latest update, the board layouts have been almost always in favor of the missing colors. Am I the only one experiencing this? Did they do something to make it more difficult for players who color stack?


Pretty standard in these games. If game developers spent more time actually improving their games than on trying to con people into spending money, they’d find that they wouldn’t need to con people into spending money.


You may be right, but it might be psychological. Its easy to get tunnel vision when you’re desperate for a big hit. My two best heroes are red, so I am an absolute red tile junkie.

To prove it, you’d have to count all the colours on 20 boards, for a decent data set, and see if it’s actually the case.

I’d have thought that if the Devs disliked colour stacking, it would be easier to simply change the multiplier that increases the score, rather than toy with the board.


It’s been done. Searching the boards should turn up the results, which concluded there wasn’t a bias. Simply put, bad results stick in the mind better than good ones, so we remember when the board sucked more vividly than the good ones.


People play these to… You know… Have fun… Granted… The target audience for these type of developers are masochists with deep pockets, but that doesn’t change the fact that for normal people, getting wrecked in a bejeweled game just isn’t fun.

And getting wrecked in a bejeweled game and then being prompted to spend money is pretty shady.


Folks, people have studied hundreds and thousands of boards…it’s not rigged. You just remember the bad one more than the good ones.


A big mistake people make is to completely avoid matching the colors they can’t use. Try setting up a gem and clearing them out of the board all at once, or ghosting through the gaps to get rid of some. You may end up giving the enemy more mana, but you then should have a better board to fight back with.


I dont think its just a matter of remembering the good vs the bad. There are plenty of recorded instances of color stacking and lopsided colors on boards. Im not saying its rigged but from my personal experience there has been an overwhelming amount of raids where there is a disproportionate amount of colored tiles that Im not using. Just because I mention this as a concern doesn’t necessarily mean that Im losing because of this, it’s actually the opposite. Even when given boards that are the majority of the colors Im not using, I still win the majority of my raids. I just created this post based on an observation and was wondering if there is something evident.


If there wasn’t a reasonable chunk of boards that were missing your double or triple stacked color, THAT would be an indication it wasn’t random or proportional, because random and proportional do include both ends of the curve (boards with lots of stacked color and boards with few of stacked color). Just like at craps, you’re bound to roll 2 and 12 here and there. Additionally, getting those types of boards in streaks (5, 6, 10 in a row) are also NORMAL when you have a sufficiently random probability that isn’t messed with. Ask any competent poker player about that…

But when people have analyzed it in aggregate over hundreds and thousands of starting boards, the stacked color wasn’t overly or underly represented from what you would expect (roughly 20% of the starting board tiles).


I hate to say it, but the ones saying you only notice bad boards most likely are right. It can’t be proved true without the code, but my observations of gawdawful boards has been very nearly balanced by observing my rematches which bless me with colors and combos.

Now if we talk titan boards, I am less sanguine.


One thing has convinced me that the boards are, in fact, totally random. I have a few times started a level and there were no matches right away, and the board was reshuffled. If there really were different starting boards for different hero combinations, that would never occur. It’s random.


Yes it is random, but not totally random. Otherwise there would be boards that start with a combination.


That happens very occasionally, but I think it’s caused by a bug in the initial board sorting mechanism.


Good point. Hadn’t thought of that. There is just no way it’s stacked specifically against the colors you bring to the fight. That’s way too much coding.


I totally agree and its just getting frustrating. The initial board is usually favored for the missing colors. Heres mine recently. To make me feel worse when on the next raid i switch to bring 2 yellows, there will be no yellow tiles! Sure we remember more the bad ones than the good but the fact that were only given 6 raid flags and then wait for two hours (at which point we can be raided and lose rank) makes every raid counts when fillihg up raid chests. Maybe the devs should give us 8 raid flags to start with then we dont quite bother with how the board plays out against us.


While I understand that the tendency toward confirmation bias is real, and I’m willing to trust that earlier examinations of the starting boards were thorough and definitive, that doesn’t mean that they haven’t, or couldn’t, fudge the numbers in a later update.


But why bother doing something that would only PO their customers for literally no other benefit? Small Giant wants to make money - but deliberately messing with the boards will only cost them customers.


I have been running a 2 color attack team on raides for almost 1 month and still hang out in the diamond area3-4 times a week. I see both good and bad boards. It is great to take out full level Guen and Alby before they fire. It is just random in my opinon. What would the benefit for SG to do that?


In diamond I can see problem with colour of tanks. There are a lot of red and yellow tanks. So I need to double blue or purple in many games. And it’s not surprise to have bad board.

Situation will be worse in June


Why what is in June?