Double security with passcode

Please add an option where users can set up a passcode before entering the game menus esp. using gems.

I need something that makes it safe for children to play provinces or raids without their accidentally using gems or feeding heroes or using food/resources or accessing roster.

You got the gist.

Optional option…

Just a reminder that this game is rated 12+. Depending on your definition of ‘children’, SG may not agree with the need.

I don’t disagree with the advanced optional security, but SG may have a different idea of a child than you do. Would this benefit players for other reasons?

Is an advice not a restriction.
Imo children below 10 shouldn’t play virtual things at all.


This just would need an option to lock or hide the gems.

I was using free silver tokens the other day and went too far and blew 150 gems to summon a Fletcher. Needless to say, I was angry at how dumb that was. To answer your question, this feature would have saved me those gems and the embarrassment.

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Of course optional. At least you will have the option to.

It’s always a good thing to have the option to turn on double safety even if it’s not to protect the game from said children.

I like this idea. There’s a security check in buying gems with cash (though I think that is native to the App Store/Play Store). It would be nice to have the option for such a check on:

  1. Gem spends
  2. Hero/troop unlock
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I would also like a lock on gem spending.

As for spending real money, I always delete my card info from Play store immediately after making a purchase. Not only does that keep me from accidentally buying something I didn’t want, but also keeps someone else from hacking my account and buying a little something extra for themselves with my money.

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