Double LB Goretooth or Costume Freya

Please advise.

  • C. Freya
  • Goretooth

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Ok. Bumping. Heres the thing is Goretooths mana stop for 2 turns a bit low. It should be three only hitting one opponent even at very fast. I just hope I get more folks Iā€™m kind of shocked not one vote the other way yet I know the consensus is the newer heroes are better but not always more practical. I just wish the Pig stopped the mana for one more turn. Hel at avg is etyer with 3 turns for 3 players. Maybe

On offense Goretooth is much better than C Freya (I have C Freya, Goretooth waits for levelling).

C. Freya is a good tank, but not great (Amethyst for example has similar results) and I think you will be able to find easier a replacement for her on the long run. This is because mana block + defense down at very fast is very valuable