Double HP of Titans, Double Amount of Titan Flags

Fighting titans is my favorite part of the game, but the four hour wait time in between flags is brutal. What if all titans got twice as much HP, and then we got six flags instead of three, with only a two hour wait period in between flags?


The wait is frustrating at times. I like the idea of more opportunities to fight titans, but double everything may be more of a burden on weaker alliance members. Would you still have a max of 3 or purposing more?

Pros and cons, but appreciate the suggestion being put out there for feedback.


  • some players find it a grind to hit the titan now, as it is. Asking them to hit it with twice as many flags will not be viewed as a quality of life improvement.

  • for players that use items to battle titans, now twice as many items will be needed. Which will require more grinding to obtain such items.


  • additional game-play, for active players.

  • developers create condition where people have to play the game more frequently, for longer periods, and grind out more items to fuel battles. More opportunities to cause players to want to $pend to keep up with needed items (this is a pro for SG, not a pro for free-to-play or cheap-to-play players).


I like it as it is, because I rarely miss a hit during my shifts and while sleeping. There’s already enough to do and will take a lot of time even right now. Only raid energy is getting full.

I think I’d miss many hits due to my real life, if titan attacks would be heavily increased.


Titan Battle Items

It never hurts to ask.

But the Devs already reduced time from 6 hours to 4 hours. And players complained about the reduced farming time and increase in Battle items use. With rumored Lodge and 5* Titan battle items in Beta, reducing time between energy would would further reduce farming time and increase normal and Titan battle items use.

Spoiler for Season 2

Click for spoiler

Perhaps a rainbow set of bosses like 2.27-10 would make it fun for everyone.



Thanks for the feedback, folks. You all brought up lots of things that didn’t cross my mind. :slightly_smiling_face:

Seems it would be best to leave it how it is. The needs of the many, etc… grumble grumble

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I also like the fight modus, but it already takes enough time and precious battle items as it is now. However, I would like to see the titan fight modus in more map (or maybe quest) fights. I enjoyed battling Ursena as it was completely different than other boss fights (which were quite repetitive in Atlantis).

So, don’t raise the frequency of titan fights but use this modus also for other fights more often would be my proposal :slight_smile:


I’d just prefer if they didn’t one-shot my 5* heros

Axes or bombs + turtle or dragon banners can quickly fix this problem. Even rather squishy 4* heroes like Wu Kong survive the first hit then.

The upcoming Hunter’s Lodge will provide even better items (but I suppose titans will consequently get way harder, at least up to 14 if not 15 or more stars)

Nope sorry. I use those things and I still one-shotted

This would split alliances even more in people with much free time to spend or them, which can play in worktime and the others, who are working and can’t use the game in this time.
3 attacks @ 90 seconds are almost 5 minutes. 6 flags are going to 10 minutes.
Also the item necessity would increase.

@ Thread opener and other pro voters:
Did you ever fight a 12* or 13* titan? Or badass rare titans at this star ratings? You mostly can’t do this without item using, and not the 1* are required. You don’t like to double this.

They one shot 5* heroes? I’m glad my alliance only hits 7* titans. I don’t use battle items at all so I can stock up(I have a hoarder mentality), and I consistently get Loot tier X. I’m hoping that the new Hunter’s Lodge doesn’t require a huge amount of resource input.

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