Double formation raid def

Seems broken. I can aim gravemaker at center hero and he hits all five and Onyx with double charge hits all five if you target center hero.

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Seems any hero that normally hits three now hits all in these formations. I had MarjanaC hit all 5 heroes too.

I think this is working as intended.
On some map stages and event stages, enemies are placed around the boss, and if you fire the splash damage skill at the boss, you will hit all the enemies.
In the double formation, the above work is applied to raid.


No bugs. Working as intended:


I’m trying double formation. My alliance showed me a vid of Evelyn hitting my tank and she hit five instead of three. That’s a nightmare if a hero that hits three can hit five now and I can’t change my Def team back.

And if you put Elena in the middle spot of that formation, all 5 of your heroes will get her counter attack (instead of just 3). It works both ways. It’s a trade off, use it strategically. It’s not a bug.

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Works as intended. Evelyn hits “target and nearby”.

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Happy birthday
For a present you get powerful nearby ally heroes. And get to change your defense after your birthday :partying_face:

As a consolation however.
You can change your lineup!


Honestly, it’s not a bug. Even way before this, on the World map stages, hit 3 becomes a hit all on certain stages. I don’t think it’s a bug, but designed this way

To be honest, there never was something like “hit 3”, it was “hit target and nearby” which is exactly how it is working and always has.

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From the Master topic: [Master] :shield: Alternate Defence / Raid Formations – Feedback & Discussion Thread - Gameplay Help & Tactics - Empires & Puzzles Community Forum (

Target & Nearby Skills

Changed in Beta V35.5, in Double & Reverse Double , nearby now considers all enemies around the targetted hero (like in map stages).

So if you target position 3 with a “Target and nearby Enemies” hero, you will hit / affect all 5 positions.

Likewise, if a defense hero is “caster and nearby”, they affect all allies near them. So Guinevere in Position 3 will apply her buff to all her allies.

Reverse operates the same as it currently does.

A formation function that allows counter attack Heroes to cover an entire team is very frustrating. Yes it can be dispelled and yes some Heroes can offset the exploit by hitting everyone on a defending team. But this just feels like an OP exploit reminiscent of The Great Tell debacle. An exploit like this totally flushes game balance. Don’t like getting beat as a Raid Defender? Stick Elena or Sif in the back with level 14 mana troops and you’re good to go.

The fact that this “works as intended” makes me vote “NO” for new formations. What happens if 90% of Raid Def Teams utilize the counter attack exploit and enough players complain? SG will change it. But why waste the time and energy?

I’ve fought a few and have not found it OP

Those heroes still take a while to fire because they aren’t getting any tile hits.

So there’s a very good chance of charging a dispelled, which are very common.

Melendor or Sabina are ideal because they don’t hit, c.Sabina even better if you’re lucky.

Elena at the back will win a few, I’m sure but she charges so slowly that it’s not going to be the new Meta.

In a way, riposte heroes became almost obsolete, so I’m happy for them to get a new lease of life.

And the advantage to offence of hit-3 becoming hit-5 also gives more usability to the likes of Thorne, Richard, Elk etc.

Variety is the spice of life and I’m all for it! I have absolute confidence that riposte is not a new game breaking meta.


I like to put my money where my mouth is, so went to hunt a double/reverse double riposte defence around 2500 cups but I couldn’t find one in thirty re-rolls :man_shrugging:t3:

Edit Edit

I found one with Sif :blush:

And I lost, which is even better, because Sif was irrelevant to me losing, it was just a good old scrap with decent heroes.

Anyway, in the end Kunchen and Liana did for me, but Sif barely had a cameo.


Maybe because I use a lot of the “hit 3” heroes but because of this the Double formations don’t give me nearly as many headaches as the reverse does which seems to favour the attacker. However I do like that if you stack big and don’t get a board the centre hero gives protection to all. It’s a really good balance between risk and reward as far as I can see.

My reverse defence has been frustrating people it seems so I’m going to flip to a Double for a bit since this is a data collection beta. Makes me think I need to help give them data. I expect my current rest place of circa 2600 cups to come down tbh but data data data

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