Double damage counterattack

If you are attacked by an opponent which your hero does double damage, if that hero has the counter buff activated by one of your allies, is the counterattack damage doubled also?
Or, you have Boril on your team and Colen beside him. Colen is attacked by Skittlrskull. Does Colen’s counterattack buff, from Boril, cause double damage on Skittlrskull?

Why (this should be obvious) or why not?

No, counter-attack damage dealt back to the opponent is independent of the enemy element.

Counter-attack buff Riposte returns back x% of the damage taken by the hero with the buff. x being whatever number is written on the card. For Boril and allies, it’s 125% of damage taken.

What this does mean however, is that the element of the hero with the counter-attack matters.

So for example, if you hit Boril with a red match which each deals 20 weak damage, Boril will counter 25 per hit. If you hit Boril with green matches which each deals 45 strong damage, he will counter for 56 per hit.


Or is the op asking if he is counterattacked from both Boril and Colen when Skittleskull attacks since both are attacked at the same time?

The question is, does Skit get 125% from Boril and 250% from Colen?

gotcha. I think the way it would be measured is 125% of DEALT damage. So if Skittle hits say 100 normally. but against Boril a blue that would increase to something a little higher like 125, but Skittle is weaker against reds so the 100 dmg would decrease to 75 against Colen. Then the counterattack takes 125% against those numbers

No, damage dealt back is not doubled. It’s only 125% of whatever damage is dealt.

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Thank you for clearing that up. But, WHY would the counterattack be doubled? No matter rather it’s an attack or a counterattack, the damage should be consistent. If the normal attack is double shouldn’t the counterattack be double also?

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Because that’s not how the special works. It doesn’t reflect double the percentage against a weak color enemy.

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So, essentially, there are two types of attack in the game - normal attack (the one in which you hit with tiles) and special attack (the one from hero special). Now normal attacks depend on the colour of the tiles and enemies. For example, if you hit a green hero with red tiles, they do double damage. But if the red hero attacks a green hero with special then the element does not matter. So this same principle applies to counter attack too. So if you hit Boril with blue tiles his counter attack will be less, but from green tiles the counter attack will be more. But if you hit him with special attack the counterattack only depends on how much damage that special does and not on the element of the hero. Hope this clears things up. :slight_smile:

OK. I would presume that it’s because the counterattack isn’t Colen’s native attack. But, Boril’s counterattack on Colen should be double damage.

Nope, only tile damage is double. The special has to explicitly say it does extra damage. Boril’s special does not say that.

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Gotcha! Thanks everyone. :wink:

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