Double charging

I have played this game for a long time 2 years solid maybe more in the last few months i have been double charged for items and when i had my bank dispute the double charge my diamonds were taken from me even though i paid for them. I was extremely upset because i spent alot of money on this game and time as well and they basically stole my money and stole my diamonds for trying to correct small giant games mistakes. So i am quitting empires and puzzles because i am not going to play this game and get stolen from money wise and game wise. If this is how Zynga is starting their new reign over small giant i will not play any games related to Zynga or small giant. Especially when you canmot even talk to anyone about the discrepencies of the company

It is very easy to overspend in this game. People are often surprised at how much they have actually spent compared to what they thought they had spent. Keep a log of your purchases in the game and compare it to your CC account. I have gotten in the habit of double checking mine because I had some sticker shock issues in the past as well. I’m certain that I’m not the only one.

No when you purchase a pack and their are 3 to buy and you buy the 3 packs but you account shows 6 withdrawals for the same amount. So not my fault!

Besides i am not playing empires any longer for the simple reason i work hard for my money and to have it stole when i spend alot on the game anyway then not worth my money or time to get stolen from

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You may consider keep playing for free.

Take a screenshot of your statement that shows 6 withdrawals from the game. Black out any personal information. Which event was it from? I would send it to SG with the screenshot, which event you spent money on and show they withdrew gems from you. Don’t know what else to do besides that. Hopefully they take care of it and hook you up with something for your troubles, but I wouldn’t hold my breath for that.

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