Double attack in War / How can one person attack two people at the same time? (Display Bug)

Ever seen this?

No connection issues so how can he attack two opponents at the same time?

I’ve seen this multiple times. They are not actually attacking two people at the same time. It’s a bug that shows who they have already attacked and their next target.

Yes, I have!

I’ve found it happens every time I quickly exit and reopen the game if I was on the Battlefield.

If I go out of the Battlefield and back, it’ll show normally.

Should get fixed then. Otherwise u think opponent is under attack already and you cannot fight against him

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Did the same thing trigger it for you, exiting and reopening the game in a short time while on the Battlefield screen?

Or did you see it another way?

Cannot remember exactly but i think no. Was fighting and hoping to attack one of those opponents as i got only small teams left.

Hmm, maybe other sorts of connectivity issues can cause the same thing, and my way of (consistently) triggering it just demonstrates that.


How is this thread still going?

Not too good. Zephyr just added a new thread today but no response of real root cause just suggestions. I believe it’s a display bug. As Spexa received points for both fights I can only exclude the connection issue as it was reported in other topics…there the connection got lost during fight…result zero points and battlefield still shows active fight as above.

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It’s just a display bug. It doesn’t affect outcome, final score or anything of any importance in the game. It’s just a curiosity. Now that they are aware, hopefully they’ll fix it.

I think it is an illegal bug that allows people to cheat. So, prove that I am wrong, OR fix it!!!

Otherwise, this will continue and you will be reported and everyone loses!!!

I can prove you that Spexa did not cheat…he is one of my alliance mates and was also wondering why his emblem was still on old opponent while beeing in another fight. He received the correct amount of points for both fights so here is absolutely no cheating.
Maybe you can prove why your example is cheating? What is the benefit? First opponent of Zeldaville was killed, hence is not even blocking for another attack…

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