DoT > Revive?

I can’t help but notice this discrepancy. Why DoTs persist after they kill you and then you revive? What’s the logic?

Because you still burn, are still poisoned…………

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Erm… :smile: In virtually any other game Death resets and clears all. Can’t see why it’s not the case here.

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I like the way it is in this game. Makes some of those weaker DOT characters more useful.

Gives you a counter to the revive mechanic.

As a flip side, if they revive, wouldn’t you want them to also reset their mana?


The counter to revive is the 1 hp you get when revived.

You get a second chance if you’re lucky but with DoTs you’re pretty much screwed.

That was my point. DOT is the counter to revive.

Only thing revive is good for is to trigger a charged special.

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Heroes rezzed by mom or Alby are cleansed afterwards. Cool if revive talent would do as well.

I just fought 2xGraves and revived cleansed… Seems like someone is reading the forums :slight_smile: :smile:

Revive Fighter talent keeps any status effects from before. Although that may sound bad, it also means that you can keep good boosts.

Any other revive (like Mother North’s skill) will cleanse them as well, also meaning they lose any good boosts they had previously (the biggest e.g. of this being a problem is on Atomos)

Personally, I like the way the talent is treated. Since it’s something that happens by chance, DoT countering it is fine with me. If you have never felt the frustration of Boldtusk reviving 4 times in a row during a raid… well once you feel it, you’ll understand why I think it’s fine working that way.

The skill is something you can see is about to happen, so I’m fine them working that way too.

Then it timed out because revive does not clear status effects or dots. Never has, and never will without a patch note.