Doomsday Dragoons are hiring

Hi guys,

Our alliance Doomsday Dragoons is looking for new members. You are welcome to join if you are looking for a place that you want to call home. We are looking for experienced players. You can also join if you are relatively new to the game. We are very talkative and gladly help you if you are also non-experienced, so it is a good chance to grow up. Here is what we do:

  • We have a system that allows everybody to become the leader as you grow in time.
  • Discussion in the alliance is open and your opinion is always valued. We discuss about the common things together, like the color of the tank in the wars etc…
  • We do not put pressure on anybody, we are playing for fun, but still passionate enough. If you are a daily player, you will find it pleasant to play with us.
  • We hit titans up to 12*, but this happens when we are full squad. Now we are 20 people and hitting titans 9-11*. We usually have several players who regularly hits above 300k total damage.
  • Several of us finishes the raid tournaments in top 1% and top 5%.
  • We educate (relatively) new players and help them grow. We give feedback in friendly raids and war defenses.

Of course there are some basic rule as you can imagine. Here is what we want in order to keep you welcome in the alliance:

  • Hit the titan when you come online. It is up to you whenever you hit, but try not to overflow your titan time when you have 3 available hits already.
  • Have at least 1800 trophies to join
  • Have at least 3 war teams averaging around 4000 points if you want to opt in for war. You can still join if you do not have these teams, but you must opt out from the war.
  • Once you opt in for war, use all your flags. We have a very good track record of using all the flags in each war.

What makes you (unfortunately) kicked out of our alliance:

  • Disrespectful, unfriendly behaviour.
  • Opting in war without at least three teams around 4000
  • Opting in war and not using all the flags for two wars
  • Inactivity for 7 days

When you join, mention my name (Perseus) and we know that you have seen our invitation and aware of the guidelines. We are looking forward to seeing you in our alliance!

All the best,

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