Dont you want to give me a 5* green SG?

Dont worry at all! i can live with it :slight_smile:
I have hired a provisory soldier , here my guy

In the meantime i will keep gathering tonics :sob:


Be careful, you could ended up like me:

5 Elkanen :nauseated_face:
0 other 5* green…

6 Tonics used
22 Tonics remaining…



One Elkanel sounds good !

5 is like if you’d bought elkanel factory :laughing:
seriously, id like to know the chance to pull five times the same 5* (tc 20?)

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I understand. I’d gladly give some S1 5* duplicates of other colors for a red. 13 5* S1 dupes and 0 5* S1 reds.

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It is hard to count that one…

But there is one easier to count:

The chance that your first five 5* green heroes from TC are all Elkanen is:

0.25^5 = 1/1024

One in 1024 people will get 5 Elkanen from TC20 before they get any of Lianna/Kadilen/Horghal from TC20.

Almost forgot… those 5 Elkanens I got are all from TC20. As of now, I have never get 5* green from summon.


Its a little frustrating ! but i take it with humour and try to not think about what im missing and therefore enjoying the game (still do) with what i have.
I know its a matter of time that finally a “green apple” fall from a tree .(i hope from the costume portal ! those green costumed 5* seems very solid)

Don’t say that !! LOL. My 5 Domitias are now crying (though one is maxed on both original and costume version) !! They badly felt now that they came from a certain Dom factory. She was my first 5 star purple though.

I can give you my extra Elk, 2 extra Kad and an extra Lianna (I have 4).

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What about your other colors? Just curious. I went without a 5* period in my main acct for the longest time. Then i got Hirghall

I pulled 2 Horghall from TC20…
I prefer to have 5 Elkanen…

Blue is the missing color for me. I have 18 scopes and no one used them.

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5× Domitia
4× Sartana
2× Thoth-Amun
2× Quintius
1× Obakan
1× Aeron
1× Clarissa

Total: 16 (7 unique)

3× Isarnia
1× Ariel
1× Magni
1× Vela
1× Richard
1× Thorne
1× Misandra
1× Raffaele

Total: 10 (8 unique) [All S1 & S2 collected] :v:t2:

1× Mitsuko
1× Elena
1× Marjana
1× Azlar

Total: 4 (4 unique)

3× Joon
1× Vivica
1× Leonidas

Total: 5 (3 unique)

5× Elkanen

Total: 5 (1 unique) :man_facepalming:t2:


Our luck is the opposite…

@TheWizard, I had the same problem with 5* greens. No problem getting the other colours, especially purple (I think I now have 4 Quintus…), but green eluded me for a long time (other than Margaret, a loooong time before the buff).

There was MAJOR rejoicing when I finally, finally pulled Lianna :slightly_smiling_face:, followed some time later by Tarlak. Green 5*s are still the smallest part of my roster, though, but have patience.


Our leader is playing since years and is still without a blue 5 star…i guess when the time comes the blues or in your case the green 5 stars will rain down on him and you…in my case I was long without a blue. Then within weeks Isarnia, Magni, Vela, Finley, costume Isarnia and now Raffa…

I have maxed a Margaret and an Elkanen out of desperation, and lack of green options. Have even emblemed Elkanen and would instantly ascend a second Elkanen without hesitation, the situation is so bad.


I feel your pain.

Except in my case it was 4 copies of Justice.

First time I got legendary from TC20… Justice!

Second time… Justice … again!

I thought let me queue up the TC20 and do a 30 pull to see if my luck changes… 2 legendaries! Yay … both of them, Justice… Again and again! :man_facepalming:

I’m like This is a travesty of justice!! (oh the irony :no_mouth:)

Now I’m queuing over 100 pulls in my TC20… really really hoping for injustice:roll_eyes:


hang in there, everyone. I think I went about 6 months, where I had two 5*s each in Blue, Purple, Yellow and Green… but none in Red. Until Marjana finally popped out of TC20. And I was able to max her almost immediately because by then I had 12 Mystic Rings :joy:


I envy you…
Congrats though. :smile:


Just think - a couple more, and you’ll be able to field an entire Supreme Court - maybe you already can, depending on where you are from.


Justice have been served :wink:

Is that 6 months after you have alredy had those 8 heroes?


I can field Pentanen

Still need 7 more to form a squad of Elven Spearmen…


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