Don't you think that Aegir is too strong a hero?

It seems to me that the hero of the month Aegir is too strong. if he stands in the center of defense and manages to make an ulta, then you can just get out of the battle. further continuation becomes useless. very strong imbalance

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Sort of like Hel, Guinevere or Boss Wolf?


The beta community still felt that he was actually underpowered. His special has no immediate effect and does not provide the defense buff which usually accompanies spirit link. The healing is nice, but he doesn’t make your team that much tankier, and is vulnerable to dispellers.


only guinevere is similar, but not difficult with it. Aegir has a lot of protection and health. at the same time he is average in speed of manna collection

Level your melendor, caedmon, Sabina, sonya, Domitia, zeline, or panther.

And ignore aegir buff as you strip away nearly everything he does with a debuff. Nothing he cast has any immediate effect and you actually learn how to counter him easily. The only hero’s that you should worry about are those that have an immediate effect such as guin’s mana drain which prevents you from countering her or dispelling her for at least a turn.


In theory, this all sounds very good about the dispell. but in reality, when in the war he will be at the top of alliances in defense, you will understand that he is a very unbalanced hero.

Except the same concept is already used to negate ares who himself is a tank that has an even better buff but has completely disappeared as a top tank in game.
Ares use to be the best tank then people learned what dispel does.

Take a look at the top 100 lists and see what tanks they use. Guin, zeline, aeron, gravemaker, etc

What do they all have in common? They all have a special that takes immediate effect! (Or in aeron case is undispellable).


Part of Aerons special is dispellable (HoT) and part isn’t (immunity for 3 turns, ailment dispel and elemental link). But I agree with you point - just a minor clarification.

It is not very correct to compare Aegir with Ares. Ares has only one defensive skill, healing. Aegir has healing, damage sharing and protection from nature. despite the fact that he has more armor.

maybe I’m just not used to this hero yet)) everything will become clearer when he ousts Guinerve from defense in the top

Except aegir healing isn’t immediate either it requires you to use tiles, whereas ares is immediate and reoccurring.

I still think ares is slightly better then aegir not only becuase of the initial heal but becuase he’s more useful on atk teams and titans however this still doesn’t change the fact ares as a top tank has all but disappeared for the same reason aegir won’t make it.

The fact you think aegir will replace guin says a lot.

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I agree that Ares is more universal. Aegir as Guinevere. it is needed only for the center of defense (pvp, war)

No i don’t think he is overpowered, on reverse i think he is quite unlucky.
I mean, i want too some other tank only good as a central that gives Guinevre a rest, but he is halfway there.
He as the stats, he has the skills, but he have really the wrong color considered that dispellers totally wreck him.

I mean: Zeline, Caedmon and Melendor. There’s just too much people who can counter him. Even Mnessus and the december HotM Evelyn soon!

In attack he can be really interesting against high level titans due to the fact he can manage to keep alive your team, but thats for the price to leave in the bench some other heroes.
So who you leave behind? Isarnia? Athena? Alasie? Magni? Arthur? Kiril?


Look he’s a good tank but he’s no where near close to guin. He’s on the same level as ares, Justice, Richard maybe even boss wolf (but I don’t think boss wolf sucks as bad as most people say).

Aegir is a solid tier 2 maybe low tier 1 tank. For the majority of people playing he will be the best tank they will have.

He would be overpowered if both his health share and tile heal was undispellable. However I think SGG should make the tile heal undispellable and aegir would be equivalent to guin… because remember you can still counter aegir at that point with heal reducers or siphons. That’s the only change aegir needs to be considered a top tank.

In before this turns into a Guin rant…dang…too late


Take melendor and fire after Aegir, he’s useless

All aegir needs is his tile heal ability to be undispellable.

They should leave the health share and nature buff dispellable.

At that point aegir would be a top tank and rival guin but still be countered by Evelyn or any dispeller and heal reducer.

Regardless I fully expect aegir to be common enough that people will see him in the platinum range and low diamond range regularly.

I wouldn’t describe him as op…

Or even worth trying for…

Aegir is a mix of Gunnar and Musashi… and his color have a fatal weakness:

While he could become a problem if not dispelled the green heroes have a good mix to counter his special and the dispel is a common mechanic. It’s a durable tank and could be handy but he will not replace the n°1 tank spot, even if it could become common as a tank flanked by Gravemaker.

Surely it’s a better tank than any non-premium 5* hero.

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And then there’s Evelyn as next month’ HotM, who will completely own Aegir. Fast mana, dispels target and nearby, hits target and nearby, and adds a defense debuff to nature. Oh, and heals other green heroes.

If Aegir has a spot at the top of defense, it will be short-lived.

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