Don't worry about earning excess 5 * heroes. Don't spend money

I see many players annoyed by the ridiculous odds statistics of getting 5 * heroes (rightly so), but I want to say that don’t worry about winning 5 * heroes unless you have none in line to level, first worry about leveling that it has, because it is extremely difficult to earn the 4 * ascension items, many take up to a year to get enough items to ascend a single hero, not to mention the absurd amount of food and heroes that are needed to reach the maximum ascension. So, give preference to the heroes you have, up to the 3 * and 4 * for the events, where you can have better placements and even win these very rare 4 * ascension items faster. Don’t spend money, collect gems and upgrade your heroes first and don’t worry about winning more 5 * heroes that will often take months or even years to be able to leave at most.


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