Don't waste your time on legend! - Tavern Of Legends Vent Thread (Odds, Summons etc...)

If I didn’t have insomnia and auto play — I’d skip this event completely and just use HA

That’s both the best and worst thing — it’s a complex mechanism that serves no real purpose; so you can skip it without penalty

The E&Ps version of hitting on someone at an Applebee’s Bar

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Do you think spending 300 gems on trying to get legends is worth it? I just spent 600 and got two 3 star green characters.

No, it’s objectively the worst portal.

Unless you want to spend big and are very keen on the featured hotm, save your gems for costumes and Valhalla

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I feel the same. People always talk wonders about costume portal. For me? Im tired of getting the same costume 3☆ heroes again and again. On the other hand i have been really lucky in this tol portal(Seshat) and in Ninja Tower(Garnet) . Both portals are by far the worst for people.

Anyways, this is a personal situation, the odds are what they are, so i wouldnt advise anyone to spend in TOL portal.

Yea, never again for me.

So… in what way? The odds to get a particular 5 are, without question, the worst.

But after they added HotM and rebalanced things it became the best odds to pull ANY 5 by a hair (exactly 0.1%).

For people with few old HotMs, it can make sense to pull. Just don’t get fixated on getting a particular one. Be happy with your Thoth-Amun.

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I think the more veteran a player becomes and the wider the bench gets less chance of worthy summons…

At least a new player can use a summoned Chao or get a Rigard. For a player with a huge roster it´s really difficult to see his roster improved.

Malidali, no one forced you to spend 150 Swiss Francs. And the odds are clearly stated. So basically you decided to throw all that money into a portal with a low chance of pulling a 5 star, and then you blame SG for it? It was your decision, and had you got what you wanted you would be singing a different tune. I really can’t stand it anymore when people blame SG for their mistakes.

I got only 3 *, but two of my friends in the Alliance were more fortunate, they got Kingston and the Gravedigger. So there are chances. :wink:

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I just done 30 some on the one for this month and got jack

As I am lacking 5* or HotM I use this portal (more in hope than anything else)

32 summons
4 x 4* all duplicates
0 x regular 5*
1 x HotM - Zimkitha, which is really ironic as I only have 5 past HotMs and one of those is, you guessed it, Zimkitha :sob:

Rest were all 3* and all duplicates, including 3x Renfeld, 3x Jahangir, 3x Azar, 3x Nashgar, 2x Karil and 2x Prisca

I read a post yesterday and the OP @Marie1 said they had made a 30 pull and got 6 x 5* and a bunch of good 4*.
And Glenda
So it’s a gamble - we all know the odds - sometimes we strike luck and it’s like a jackpot win, on other occasions we get a whole lot of 3* feeders.

PS: I get 3* feeders - but some decent 4* also

Good luck


Well, Zimi is worth duping, fast 5* red dispeller is very good

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Just did a quick search with no luck, not sure if this is something that is posted, but is there an order to feature heroes in tavern? Not that it even matters with this odds but just curious.

I did, after 24 pulls I stopped with Glenda and then I thought what the hell and did another 6 pulls and got Ranvir

So all together I got Kunchen, Leo, Zim, Kingston, Ranvir and Glenda plus 4* and 3*s

A very good day for me and the odds must be astronomical to get that many 5*s


Now I an green with envy
Well done you. Nice pulls

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I get Kunchen after all this time and I didn’t have a Zim either plus Glenda , so I’m a happy bunny


Congrats Marie on your excelent pulls. Sometimes the odds are not everything and one can get lucky despite them.

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Thanks but I think this is definitely a one off and I wouldn’t like to give anyone false hope as it must be very rare.
But it can happen…

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If you don’t like the odds, then don’t fund it.
They are out to make money.
Also be careful yearning for OP hero’s, if too many people get them then they will be nerfed.

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