Don't waste your time on legend! - Tavern Of Legends Vent Thread (Odds, Summons etc...)

Time for my monthly song again. It’s called “Don’t summon from Tavern of Legends”

Here it goes…First verse

Don’t summon from Tavern of Legends

It has the worst odds in the game

Don’t summon from Tavern of Legends

It’s a summon portal that is lame

Don’t summon from Tavern of Legends

You’ll end up crying like a panto dame

Don’t summon from Tavern of Legends

I’ve run out of things to rhyme…so tame


I kept telling people how terrible this portal is too

But then I did my two free pulls from the quest this month…don’t hate please :sweat_smile: (other pull was BT who was tasty food haha)

(thankfully they improved it in the new patch but the odds are still terrible and I would never spend money on it…I won the jackpot already!! :crazy_face:)


Do you think as player that you would be still buying package after receiving 30 3and 4 stars ?? Would you do it? Thank you for the encouragement. That was my buying for my birthday day. Great gift.

Not to be callous, but buying ToL (I assume) pulls for your birthday is akin to buying a lottery ticket for your birthday. Chances are, you’ll end up with nothing. I hope the rest of your day is happy, though.


It’s best to do pulls during costume event imho. ToL would only give you 3 star heroes…

btw, happy birthday🍹

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I just got Bane from the Legends summon. Please explain to me how he is a legend? 300 gems for a 3 star hero who is the first hero you get as a brand new user?

That is annoying and a waste of gems


Pulled Perseus AND Margaret in my first 10x so felt lucky and did two more 10x. Twenty feeders. Shoulda quit while I was ahead but how often do you get that lucky with this portal?

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The melody to your song sounds like „Toss a coin to your witcher“


Me too! Got Ares with Seshat as the bonus way back when, and thought “Oooo! I’m on a roll!”

Nothing for many months thereafter. :rofl:

Best thing that portal ever gave me was a duplicate 4* vanilla hero I already had (one that I had gotten for free from TC20, without having to coordinate my 50 best heroes and burn battle items to finish the event).

Don’t remember which thread it was, but somewhere someone replied to me and said “ToL should have been easy for you”. Easy for me? Hell no it wasn’t easy! I’m not swimming in maxed HotMs like some of you. My best rainbow team is like 4200. Wasn’t at all “easy” completing the final “recommended 4600 TP” stage. I did it, yeah. But just barely.

Y’all with your fancy rosters, complaining about how the game is “too easy”. Then you complain about the rest of us complaining because we don’t have your rosters. “Git gud, nub! Spend moar moneyz if you want to keep up!” Ummmm how about no? Spend more money so that it’s easier for me to complete an event that gives me enough coins to summon 2 more Dawas? Spend more money so that I can stay in diamond tier long enough to collect some string and common herbs? Carrot on the stick starts to lose its appeal once you realize that the carrot is a lie.

There is no carrot. Only stick.


The cake is a lie!

For the first time, the last three levels of ToL went by without much drama. Of course, that might have been because I worked hard at using nothing but Rare Heroes right up to stage 6!

And you know… that was a little disappointing. ToL hasn’t been around for long, but I liked it better when I had to be extra careful every step of the way to win. The pair of S1 Rares I got as a prize is only a side WTF to this story.

So, in the “improved” Tavern Of Legends, I “gained” the legendary Gunnar and the slightly less legendary Oberon.

Improved Tavern of Legends ? Not really :frowning_face:


Congrats…you got *5

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How dare you accuse me of copying a song that I blatantly copied.

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Up until this time around, my pulls from ToL had been pretty blah.
This time i got Khiona, Sartana, and Bai Yeong on a 10x pull.
Definitely not complaining, just pointing out that good pulls can happen :slight_smile:


Sooo happy to pulled my 3rd Bane and 6th Gunnar. It can’t get any ‘better’ than this… Yay!

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Congrats you are very lucky

it’s nice to know I’m not the only one who is "lucky":joy:

Indeed! And Bane was a legend he keep coming back as a feeder for the 187th time! Lol.

First time around i pulled a Khiona on a 10 pull. It’s nice to get the shot at a past hotm with coins. It could happen.

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