Don't waste your time on legend! - Tavern Of Legends Vent Thread (Odds, Summons etc...)

Today the Tarven of legend is released. it look so cool untill i get into seeing three star hero in the summon. My emotions start to get dull from that sight.

10 min later i finished the quest but got two 3*!!! I just work so hard to defeated the last stage of Tarven of legend. i just waist all my creature and item on that! Seasioury guys don’t bother to do it(actually this is true for users with not many heroes in there hero rooster). U might get the same as me. I dont’ u money though, so that make it more difficult to get one things. You can try but don’t be disappointed to get a 3* from that. If you guys use money that great! I was looking forward to do get a new creatue to level up other from my season one creatures that is very boring to me. I only wished that i can get new creatures but the game is like “na u are going to get nothing until u pay :money_with_wings:!” If u guys get somthing new can u please share in the comments! thank

Please get rid of 3* creature in special summon!


I purchased the 10x pull and got all 3 stars… 10 of them!!! Not one of them had anything to do with the legends… in another pull I got a couple four star that are usual heros… C’mon now. Thats ridiculous for the amount of gems needed!


I feal the same as u ArchAngel


You’re not the only one who shares this feeling in regards to the portal. Hopefully they improve it in some ways because the way it is right now, it’s a waste of time / money (to do summons).

When it comes to the quest, oh well. You know what? I found it interesting. It was something new.


yeah it is for me i just used all my heros though but nothing is the best

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Mmh i guess it is all bad luck since i keep getting 3* the whole month!


Exactly the same for me. Bought all the offers did my pull and got all the S1 three star.
Only positive was that I had lots of food for costume Magni lol


i don’t why it is so bad for the sommon! i just hope the Eand P can fix this problem!


Hi I’m the same. I’m really fed up with those 3* heroes in special summons :frowning: please take them away it’s not fair. I have paid for extra chance and still got 3* hero. It’s very frustrating and start getting me off this game


We knew going in that the odds of summoning a former HOTM would be about as good as winning the lottery while winning the mystery hero would be as good as winning the lottery five times consecutively.

SG never hid how incredibly difficult to draw a decent hero from this summon would be. The odds of a 5* are the lowest of any summon portal by an exponential margin. If you are summoning Legends expecting something amazing, you have a 99.999% chance of coming away disappointed. If you are going to summon, I would recommend having fun with it and expect nothing coming away. Want to play the lottery? It’s all in good fun. Chances of winning? Very slim.


I just want new heros i am so bord with my heros that i have!


I did two 10-pulls and several individual pulls. Again, I expected nothing. No 5-star heroes. Not at all shocking. Eight were 4-star heroes. That was actually surprisingly good for nearly 30 summons in this portal. The rest were 3-star heroes. It is what it is.


At least u got better then i got i got totally 3!

I understand. It can be disappointing. I would recommend saving your best summoning for Atlantis.


I think the Vahala is better
that is coming next week! it have better creature then the Atlantis. i even think Nordri count as a 4* to me. He is so stroung!


Agreed. Bullsh I spent a fair amt as well and got ONLY 1 hero that I did NOT already have. VERY DISAPPOINTED


The entire event, including summons, is optional. Unless you want to play the (horrible) odds, just skip it. Easy enough…


I love the game overall, but SGG keeps disappointing me. this taverns summons is garbage the way it’s designed.


Sorry E&P, but i don’t understand you… i invest more than 150 SwissFrancs today… just to get one or two 5* heros… over 40 Turns later nothing… That sucks, that sucks really. You make a lot of money wiht us and you give us nothing back! Please rethink your behavior, it is no longer so funny :wink: :wink: :wink:

and btw: I hope you also pay taxes like a lottery or a casino. And shows which hero was distributed how much.
If not, the comparison with a lottery cannot be compared.


Why ya all complaining odds are clearly posted at top of portal. 97.5% chance of Season 1 rare and epic heroes


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