Dont understand about danzaburo skill point no 3

Have anyone use danzaburo? He is great or not?

It looks like self harming efect. 2 good for you and last one is heroes mistake.

I have him but did not use him yet.

Every time i use her it is very annoying because it always exits skill no 2 n no 3. Skill no 3 is locking her mana skill OMG

I have him but I don’t think he’ll ever see much use.

He has two good effects and one bad one that locks his mana for 2 turns.

I’d rather have 1 good effect that you get 66% of the time. Now there’s 2 varied ones and how do you build a team around that? So the inpredictable nature of his good effect is already a negative, at least I consider it as such.

His bad one makes his average mana even worse. That’s bad synergy within a hero. No like.

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Yes yesterday i try her in war n so crazy 2 times come out skill no 3 @_@

Some other opinions here mate. I am still unsure whether to bother upgrading Danzaburo!

I leveled him to 3.60 but am regretting it. He would only get use in wars. I’d rather have another Wu or Chao for tat purpose. I will not ascend him and therefor wish I hadn’t started him.

Good results dont happen with a finger snap and so little play.

“I am always getting freeze” something like that can happen. But it’s still 33% and it’s very rare to have it 5 times in a row.
keep playing and you can have very good results like 6 good effect on a row :slight_smile: and more.

@Bertus. " effects are imprevisible" , both good effects have something in common, it makes your team stay longer either with blindness or defense and makes a lot of troubles to your opponent to kill you. Damage and blindness, defense and mana or nothing.

The third effect dont bother me, not gaining mana for 2 turns ? Yeah like all the lines you make in the puzzle are yellow. :roll_eyes:

Just like wukong, this hero is a gamble.

So this is one of theses hero that need to be played a lot before making any jugdement.

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Danzaburo would be good to use and level (at least to 3/60), but there is a bug. He has 3 random functions and the randomisation is corrupt. He gets about 72% freeze, 10% swords and 18% flask. All based on 51recent use. I’ll continue to measure, but if this was a random event the odds are like a winning a lottery.

Yes her skill no 3 very annoying -_- and every time in war always come out skill no 3, skill no 1 difficult to get out like you say 72% freeze, 18% flask

Chances for specific effects are not stated in skill description, so it could be 66% for freeze, 17% for swords and 17% for bottles (34% is quite common number for various effects)

It was repaired in the last update. I dont have extensive numbers, but it looks fine based on about 10 attempts. Thanks SG for a silent repair!