Don't tell me it's random or confirmation bias

Ranting again

After 14 months it’s clear random is not random
I struggle to get yellow cards period. I’ve been running 3x TC20 permanently for months and only have Justice, Li Xiu, Chao and Hu Tao to show for it. All pretty poor to be honest. This is seriously crippling my titan performance for purple titans. (even yellow pulls for gems give me crap 3*)
Other colours I have many many duplicates of and blue cards seem to be more plentiful than any other.

Ascension items. So I get lots of blue cards. I have 5 Isarnia. I don’t get blue ascension materials. Warm capes are just a rarity for me. Yes I do quests and events to get them but after 14 months you would expect a more even distribution of both cards and ascension materials.

It’s almost as if there is an algortihm that is trying to force a spend. Let’s give blue hero’s but not the mates to level them.

I’ve stopped spending the last few months. I was only ever c2p anyway and today closed my alt account. i just feel i’m coming to the end of my E&P lifetime. I’m just not finding it fun any more.

Coincidence?.. Yes that’s what a coincidence actually is. Think about this if you flip a coin 100 times logically you expect about 50 heads and 50 tails. But you have to individualize each flip. Flip one has a 50% chance to be either, flip 2 has a 50% chance to be either flip 3 has… Well you get the point. Now the odds are extremely low but factual you could technically get all 100 heads or all 100 tails… That does not seem random but well within the parameters of the odds/luck.

I have the reverse I have more yellow than anything personally blue is the color I am looking for. But yellow troups are my lowest.

I would recommend to people never over spend your means, meaning never spend what you can not afford as this is a game for fun and should be bringing you entrainment and fun not stress.

For the record when drawing pulls for rare heroes SG does supply odds for pulling a 5* hero. This is usaly arround 1% but does not mean if you draw 100 heroes you will get one either (see the quarter toss example above) but while frustrating I have no proof to say there are unfair practices going on and everyone should be innocent untill proven guilty.


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