Dont spend mone on this game!

This game is the biggest cheating fraud I have ever seen. I will be 40 this year, I am playing all types of games for more than 25 years. I have never seen something as disgraceful as this game. Just today unfortunately spent some money on your lying offers and again I spent over 2000 gems, had 7 tries on red heroes and I got 3 Nashgars, 3 Hawkmoons and Azar. Shame on you, you are steeling people’s money and laughing them in the face. For 4 Hero tokens I got for my purchase I got one 4* duplicate and three 3* duplicates??? Are you not ashamed??? I tried over 30 times just on red heroes I had 9-10 Nashgars, 8-9 Hawkmoons, 7-8 Azars…. and 0 5* heroes??? Not to mention that I had 26 tries on Atlantis and also got 0 5*heroes. This game is the biggest lying fraud ever, shame on you!!!

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