Don't penalize me

The Raid system defaults to the last user that you need to revenge or have not revenged. If the user is online the system ask if you want to re-roll. Please do not penalize me by taking food away because a user is online.

You need to improve this.

Thank you.

Nothing to improve. Cancel the revenge and move on to the next revenge.


Use your common sense. I dont want to revenge. I just want to raid. It wont allow me to get out of the revenge unless i re-roll…


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Explain your problem better with screenshots then. Thanks.

He means when he look at his revenge list, just to be curious and the switch to raids, that he has to pay food to get the first opponent to raid because he saved the last person you watched and in that case it was the person from the revenge list


If I want to revenge, I go to my Tower and look at my attack log and revenge if I want too or if I even can…

If I want to Raid I go to the Raid portal, The problem is that under the raid portal the first user to popup will be your last attack to you if you haven’t revenged him… I am an active user… For the most part I get attacked I ignored them till later… I usually Raid… If I go to the raid portal and the user that attacked me is online, It asks me if I want to re roll… Sometimes it takes over one hour to refresh and give me a new user…

Sometimes I have no choice but to revenge within the raid portal and get my ■■■ handed to me from a user that is 3800 when I am in 3200…

Hope that helps.

This This This This!

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Ok yep makes sense.

Not much I can suggest otherwise. :slight_smile:

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Food is only a problem for the first month or so. Soon you’ll be trying to find ways not to stay at the cap.

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Not really so. If you just went to a Tower and looked the list of visitors, raid portal would give you a random opponent. Only if you pressed “Revenge” button in a tower you’d see the same player in a raid portal.

It still can be considered a bug, since Watchtower and Raid portal should be completely independent. But this is definitely a minor issue, since it has an easy and obvious workaround: don’t press “revenge” button unless you don’t really want to do it. To view the opponent in a watch tower you can just click on it to see all the details.

Actually, that is not true. Yes, you can see defence team by clicking avatar. But you can’t see how many trophies, food or iron you get, if you win that revenge. I only raid teams, which give me over 30 trophies. :wink: Food isn’t issue to me, but I think, if you have to reroll, because opponent is online, that shouldn’t cost anything.

By the way same thing happens, if you go raids and press find opponent and then you don’t attack right away and that opponent happens to be online, when you doing raids for example hour after that click.


I agree with the above statement.

We will all have our own opinions, what we think is important to us or not, etc… Nonetheless is a bug and I think it merits attention.

Like many things considered a “bug” this is not a bug, all designed, and we understand it and I can’t imagine them changing it. As mentioned, at some point hams are so over abundant it just doesn’t matter, I reroll past the revenge teams I already rejected and find a team I want to fight.

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature…

That’s Your opinion and you are enttitlento it.

Do you imagine SG will change it? It is 100% my opinion that there is 0% chance that SG will change its well considered “bug”.

But it is normal and has been for a long time, not trolling, this is how it is.

Now we are having a conversation :slight_smile:

I think is unfair that the user gets penalized… For people who have millions it might not matter. Nlbut for starting users it actually hurts and it takes the fun away because like I said before sometimes I am forced to fight a loosing fight.

It really is the price you pay to check your revenges.

Initially I never revenged, hardly knew it was an option. I’d go to raid and get whoever came up. I didn’t have much ham so it was tough to reroll. I’d usually not re-roll and get my head handed to me often.

I then discovered revenge, and found more better choices than raiding, and realized I was getting beaten a lot on raids and had lots to choose for reveng and I could fill my chest without rerolling.

Then I discovered mild cup dropping. Make my defense team 300-400 weaker than my main raid team, and found even more “easy” teams that beat my defense.

I think the logic from SG is, here is the revenge option, you get to choose for free (no hams) . But if you don’t like those free options, then you have to pay later when you go to raid.

I am currently able to run a 3650 raid team with a 3300 defense team and win almost every raid and fill chest and stay in platinum.

And at this point I have more hams than I can use, crafting way too many ham based battle items and hoping for every troop I can get to use the extra hams.

You must be getting close to that level if you have a 3200 team. Yes it seems cruel when hams aren’t in abundance.

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At a very minimum, the tooltip should be updated to show that it will cost ham to reroll. Surprising people with this is just poor UI design.

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