Don't Overcomplicate Simple

It’s simple…

30 active players with good teamwork, communication, personalities, effort, that aren’t morons = good alliance


The alliance is a family. I miss the banter and teasing from the top alliance, but I like the more laid-back feel of my current one. The banter may yet draw me home someday, but I want to make sure I’m not hurting the alliance with my inconsistent activity.


Definitely the feeling of family, of sharing an experiences and having fun. I still think about players we’ve had to remove and wonder how they’re doing.

In our alliance, we just “click”. We’ve been together long enough that we can speak in shorthand and make references to past conversations that still crack us up. We trust each other, rely on each other and care for each other and with what’s happening in their real lives.

I’m sure this will be a repeated sentiment for the majority of the posts that will follow.

There are lots of other games to play. I think the most important thing is the community to which we belong.

I certainly hope any player who reads this and says “boy, that’s certainly not how I feel about my alliance” will do themselves a huge favour and try to find one where they do get that feeling!


Nice, you guys ever have members meet up in real life or anything like that?


I didn’t get into an alliance until I had played for about a month. The one I joined was a fun group of people. We held strong at 30 members for quite a while. Then some of the longtime players (“founders”) of the alliance started taking breaks - first one at a time, then a couple at a time, then we had a couple who had enough and stopped playing.

Around that same time, some real-life friends of mine started playing the game, and at first I stuck with my original alliance because we were fighting 8* to 10* titans, I was getting decent loot, etc.

But ultimately, it came down to a decision: People I had no real connection with except for chatting in text in a phone game (we didn’t use Line), or my real-life group of friends. I switched over to their newbie alliance, and though we’re only fighting 4* titans, and I don’t get much in the way of useful titan loot (none of them have even reached SH20 yet), I’m playing with my friends. And really, that’s all that matters to me. :slight_smile:

If those real-life friends ever get sick of this game, I’d jump back to my old alliance. I check their roster once in a while, they’re down to 18 or so members, but I think it’d be fun to be with them again.

Good gaming!


Lookin forward to havin ya back man but only if that’s in your best interest. If not, then being in the fam still is close enough


I stay in this alliance because of the camaraderie and its a known quantity. Additionally, the life first atmosphere allows that, if I need to miss a flag or two, people won’t complain.

Not that Ive ever missed a war flag, but there have definitely been titans ive only gotten 3 hits on.

I left previous alliances because my rl friend wanted to and she is psychotic… or the people bored me, or (in one case) the leader was a rotten biiiii
Iiig pile of mashed potatoes.

But If I leave where I am, its only because I am quitting for good. The supportive culture extends beyond e/p and its good to be a part of that.


Found it after 3 weeks. Stayed for the lols and the good results we have. When i came in, we were struggling on 7* about 50% of times.
Now we are taking down 8* very steadily and occasionally 9*. Everything is smooth, and no excessive rules (War in, use your flag. Otherwise, have fun :wink:)

I considered changing for a top alliance in March-April. Wanted to fight 11-12* and a more active and organized alliance.

But couldn’t leave them. Most of them know each other irl and that makes the chat so funny. Leader managed to succeed in his last recruitment as all the newcomers have blending in very well.


Alternate answer: Have you SEEN the Alliance Recruitment channel??!??!?


I stay because I founded my alliance, and we have a great core of people with very similar play styles. Some have been with us for over a year and a half, some only a few months, but everyone is part of the same family


My brothers started playing this game months before I started playing, so I already had an alliance to join. I’ve never seen how things work in other alliances but I read there’s lots of drama and jealousy in some competitive clans, is that true? Lots of kicking people out for not using all turns? Screenshots of titan hits? ■■■■, sounds more like a work than a game.

Anyway, my alliance is literally a family. All my brothers are in it. All the friends in our clan feel like they’re brothers and sisters. Except for a few silent members, most of my clan mates are good and fun people. Very mature and understanding. Example: We have a clan member who stopped playing for some time. He was in hospital apparently. Nobody ever thought of kicking him out. He was away for 2 months but he’s back and he’s doing well now.

I would leave my clan if there was drama in it. Things like people complaining about another member not doing enough points during war. Low scores on titans. Petty stuff like that. I mean, bad boards happen all the time, right? And it’s just a game, right??


We are international so it would be difficult. Five of our European members work for the same company. We have two married couples, and a father and son.

Some players have friended each other on Facebook, and since we use Discord, we’ve shared pet photos, vacation shots and foodie photos.

I probably spend as much time chatting with my “game family” as I do with my own family.


I see your points on some of it. But from my side, competition is fun. And if i was in an alliance where i just skated with A+ loot every titan, top scorer in war every war, and constantly the one with the most cups, i would get bored. Which is partly how Crew split into so many different alliances, keeping the personalities and stuff within communication distance but not hindering each others playstyles


My first alliance was great. The leader was stern but fair, and very knowledgeable. He taught me most of the basics of the game. Most of the other members were also friendly and helpful (and also mostly new like me, so we learned and grew together as a team). Occasionally a member would get out of line, and our leader promptly kicked them before they were able to cause drama.

I moved up in the ranks and eventually got promoted to co-leadership. Unfortunately the leader had to leave for personal reasons. Our new leader was great as well, but he wasn’t as active, and left a lot of decision making up to co-leadership. At one point they even appointed me as the leader, and I tried to keep with the same democratic theme; but there were so many new members and new co-leaders, disagreements ensued, I tried in vain to please everyone and eventually got overwhelmed. Total exercise in futility. I voluntarily stepped down as leader and left the alliance shortly after.

My girlfriend and I went on to form our own smaller alliance with just friends and family. No drama, very little (if any) alliance chat. While I do miss the socialization aspect (that’s what I come here for), I definitely do not miss the drama.


You’re right about that. If there were people with different types of playstyles in my alliance we would have split a long time ago. We’re usually all on the same page though.

In my alliance we try to be as competitive as possible but we decided that real life and work comes first. Sometimes titans can’t be hit with every flag but during wars everybody participates. So we are competitive, but only against other clans :slight_smile: It’s better that way imo cuz being competitive among friends can be toxic sometimes.

Fun thing about f2p alliances is RNG makes clan members good at different parts of the game. Me and a friend have the strongest war defenses cuz we both pulled Kunchen. I score A+ on red titans (Frida is :heart: ) but my yellow team sucks so I usually get B on dark titans. Our clan leader gets A+ on blue titans cuz she pulled Evelynn. My brother already maxed every 4* he got, he’s been very unlucky with 5* till recently but he has the best war scores thanks to a deep bench. And so…

Oh and we’ve never met in real life but my alliance has a wsp group. It’s almost the same thing as knowing them in person lol.


I’m in my alliance for the 12* Titan killing and the materials I get from that LOOT.

I’m in my alliance for the ALLIANCE WAR CHEST.

I’m in my alliance because no one cares if I only take the advice that confirms my BIAS.

I’m in my alliance because no one asked me to join LINE or DISCORD and give them my roster to join.

So, BASICALLY, I’m in my alliance because no one gets their grubby social bitterfly hands involved with my enjoyment of this game.


Hah! That sounds awesome. Lucky you on the 12* titans. Hard to find an alliance that performs at that level without also telling you how often you’re allowed to use the bathroom. :laughing:


Ah, yes, I think I understand. :wink:

12* titans sound nice, but I can’t abandon my team. And I doubt I would be any good against a 12* anyway. Just because I’m regularly top dog in my alliance of lowbies, doesn’t mean that I’m even close to being ready for top tier teams. I don’t even have a single final ascended 5* hero, not a one. 4* heroes, sure, got plenty of those. Platinum tier raids? Yup, no problem. Diamond tier? Fuggedaboutit. I’m basically a low level casual who has crawled out from the mud and stuck around just long enough to perform halfway successfully in the mid-level range. :smile:


I am still in the first alliance I joined after some 480 days or so. That’s like 16 months. I joined it because I wanted to see what this “titan approaching” was all about, and I liked the name “Last Train Home”. Reminded me of my university days catching the last subway train after pub crawling. I think I joined about a month after it was formed, splitting off from an older alliance with a defunct leader.

I have grown as a player in the game and the alliance has grown along with me. We started out as I recall with 4* titans, now we handle 7* and soon 8* too. We have probably 15 members or more with a year or more in the alliance, and some new members that are fitting right in with us. There has been the odd dead wood we’ve needed to prune but we are a pretty casual, laid-back group.

There are a few of us here, although none quite as vocal as me. I did come across @Gamora926 in the Hero Card Art forum. Hey it’s Shardik :laughing:

Since my play style is casual, and I have no need to be in a top 100 alliance, this one suits me just fine. We are quite international, which is cool. There is no real drama. I think I tend to be the chatty one but hey, I’m sure that’s no big revelation (except maybe to those who know me in RL).

I have no need to look for anywhere else to be. I will continue to grow in the game and it is really a joy to see my alliance do so as well.


I have only been part of 1 alliance since I started, and just recently decided to switch to another one as I’m getting some heroes leveled and prepared to make the switch. In my first alliance I was promoted to co-leader without warning, for how consistent and dedicated I am and how much I participate. My original alliance leaders without a doubt are great…but the alliance struggles to win with both titans and wars, out of 30 members only about 10 of us are really consistent… So as a c2P it’s frustrating that I can’t get good loot or we’re losing 60% of the time. I enjoy the comradeship, but I’d be lying if I said I don’t care about winning. So I feel like it’s not personal but I’ve outgrown my initial alliance. I was connected to another great alliance and the option to bring others over as a merger
was available but the my alliance declined. I’m worried about them being upset about my decision but hopefully it works out.


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