Don't mess with small giant 😃

It is so funny how this game can turn it’s back to you. As I have made a comment regarding my pulls and getting 4× HOTM, now have played Tavern of Legends and bought few offers with coins, out of 5 pulls got all season 1 - 3* heroes. Say what ever you want, but definitely they want us to shut up​:smiley::smiley::smiley: I honestly have my teams that I am happy with, just want to get stronger, but seems like small giant decided it is not for me.:smiley::smiley:


What exactly are you saying?


It’s true! i wrote on forum asking for buff some old hero and since then i pulled nothing but Justice in 135 pulls! SG is clearly shutting me down by letting me focus my efforts on old heroes!


I can’t help feeling the OP is not entirely serious.

At least, I hope not.


You are damn right

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I think…and I’m happy to be wrong…that the OP believes that because they said something about only getting 4 HOTM one of the SGG account managers has read that, found the players account and blacklisted them so when they did a huge 5 pulls from the Tavern of Legends they only got 3* as opposed to the 5 5* that you would normally expect to get.

I mean it makes sense. As the forum appointed fanboi I only ever get 5* from my pulls. Literally every pull is a 5* it’s amazing.

So it’s probably correct that they have an AI searching the forum and all game chat for negative comments so they can stamp down on it before it gets out of hand.


I can attempt to translate

He or she feels sad that they can’t pull more cool heroes but at the same time is also sorta happy with what they have.

This conflict of feelings means that the OP can’t really articulate a strong feeling one way or the other so ended up posting a mixed message

To be fair it’s a common feeling really, when you love / hate a gacha game …so I suppose it’s understandable


SG doesn’t hate you.
SG hates everyone.


Well if any of this is true looks like only 3* for me forever :rofl:

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I thought we were going to get a totally uncensored scoop and this is what you came up with? I could tell you a story (which I can’t discuss) that would curl your toenails.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

My understanding is:

Please move my thread to

And yet, here we still are

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Kinda sounds like a marriage


Yeah I was happy with mine 5* heroes that I pull from different events but today for 3 pulls 3* s1 heroes. How many money I need to spend for 5* heroes even SG don’t know :unamused:

SG is the best company in the world. I love those guys and the very reasonable prices for pulling.

(how long do I now have to wait before I pull, I wonder?)


Don’t pull in tavern, you will not get any 5*.


Just tried with my saved tokens and saved gems all 5 3 * was the outcome. Didn’t even get a well done for trying dawa t-shirt :rofl:.

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Sed no one ever lmao :joy:

Seriously, it sounds like a joke but that’s how it really works. Nobody does anything for free, nor does it make sense to do. Why would anyone think a game, really cool like this, would be. I find it incredible, even enviable, comments like: ‘with a pull I took Finley’. or ‘gee, I only used 100 coins and took out the Frigg’. It is quite possible, it is statistical, it is the RNG acting in your favor. But if it is fair, then there are another 500. I have also heard comments: ‘game of ■■■■, I pulled 30x nothing, 5 * temp1’ or else ‘I pulled 100x came to me, Justice, Quintus and Helena’. It is not to be given good heroes for free, I think nobody wants that, but 3.8% distributed among hero temp1 ', events and HOTM is a debauchery. It doesn’t matter to me, I’m practically free, but for those who spend and get frustrated it must be very complicated. I believe an improvement in this percentage would make 100% of the players happy.

Agreed. That ambivalence is not exactly rocket science to understand. What’s more amazing, even understanding the psychological underpinnings of the reactions, are some of the responses to those expressions of ambivalence.

I mean, it’s literally a product that makes money on decreased “luck,” and yet you’d think some folks were defending their first born the way they writhe about trying to suggest there’s nothing to complain about… it’d be amusing if it weren’t so sad.

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