Don't like the whales - don't be a krill

I agree with you. I’m also guilty on my part as one of the whales. Also, I am also concern that new players are finding it a daunting task to keep up, be it p2w or f2p. Right now buildings and levelling seems like taking forever, and the more layers of grind the game adds, the lesser the ‘new whales’ will be, and old whales will be leaving after all the ■■■■■■■■.
This game really needs to add more content and less money grabbing mechanism.

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Mexxi Steve, I disagree. I don’t want to see this become the next, Mobile Strike, GoW, or KoA. This game is becoming a store and that does not make it a better product.

You seems to equate complaining about new feature as hating the whales.

That is clearly wrong!

First of all, I am an F2P and I fully realize that this game is run using they money that the whales spent.

I do made complaint against the new feature but my complaint is never directed against the whales.

This forum is one of the ways for the developers to hear response from all kind of players. None of them should be silenced as long as they don’t break forum rules. P2W, C2P, or F2P, we all have the rights to give our feedback.


Just so you know, FTP/CTP give more then all the whales combined by just clicking on the 2 adds a day, just saying. Whales or not, WE don’t need you and either does SG.

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“In response to number one: if I had a business absolutely I would want it to make as much money as possible to pay my bills and continue to provide a quality product that makes some kind of positive difference in the world.”

SG makes hundreds of millions of dollars a year. Much more than enough to remain profitable and pay their employees. Don’t act like they are on the brink of closure if they don’t try to squeeze every penny from their customers.

I don’t hate whales, if you want to pay a ton go ahead. I used to myself quite often but SG has used up all the good will they earned. Even new features that I think are not nearly as bad as they could be (costumes) still overly rely on slot machine mechanics with no pathway towards earning the rewards you need/want.

Compare this to nearly any respected f2p game and the contrast is stark. Hell, even SG treats their WHALES like garbage (why I’m not one any more).

[Game 1]: see something you want, events can allow you to earn it and whales can outright pay for it.
[Game 2]: slot machine mechanics mitigated by crazy amounts of free spins handed out all the time that can earn you even the highest tier heroes.
[Game 3]: Like something? Earn it. Want to skip the grind? Whales can buy it outright without needing to pray for a .05% chance of it dropping.
[Game 4]: Only stash tabs and cosmetics for sale.

All these games are also successful (some incredibly so) and yet… somehow… SG has convinced people that it needs to set up a system where someone can spend $2000 and not get the thing they are trying to pay for to stay in business and this isn’t true. They’d be wise to take some of the massive earnings from this last year and invest in some player friendly systems to augment their already very successful mobile casino.

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Complaining about this game (providing feedback) is allowed. Listing game competitors skates awfully close to Rule 6.

Please follow Forum Rules.


P.S. I played [Game 1] for about 3 months. You can noticeably only get so far as a F2P. :wink:

Id like to know what level all you F2P’s are.

It is hilarious how people find something to complain about, every single day. In my first 2 months on this forum, I was fighting them, cursing them and so on… Getting flagged, obviously. Now, I’m just laughing out loud. Yes, it is extremely amusing for me to read such complaints about this game. Because it is hard for me to understand why the hell you are still here (“you”, general speaking), if the game is only for p2p, if the new features are garbage, if the boards are so unfair, if everything is so unfair, if this game is so stupid, if (as someone mentioned above) there are so better many other games… Why? Good riddance and just go. It is amusing, but is also annoying to see every single day dumb and dumber threads.

Obviously, not this one. The OP belongs to a mature person, not a frustrated kid. Good job!


If there weren’t whales, this game would have been gone a year ago.

If you’re a free to play turtle, and you enjoy the game at all, thank the whales and stop whinging.

Also, I don’t find it that hard to beat the best defence in the game with my… I don’t know, carp-level heroes…

Whales are capped. The game design is rather elegant in this way.

The people who whinge are often those who want EVERYTHING for NOTHING.



Or they want clear pathways to earn rewards and a sense of value for their investment. Your sort of post is the opposite version of the sort of posts the OP is complaining about. You are generalizing a whole host of problems people may have, not just with whales but with the way SG designs and runs their service, into one easy to rag on strawman.


Im level 70, Halifax might wanna do some research on where more of the income comes from. If it was from the big fish they would have more say and it would be alot more whale friendly then it already is. Now that they are owned by a company that knows how to make money better then them, what was one of the first things they did to generate even more revenue? Ohh yah, now we get 3 adds a day instead of one. Not no restructuring of the gem cost or deals or other whale friendly buys…we get MORE adds. Nuff said.

The Whales need the krill more than they think, I would imagine most of money comes from advertising and small purchases not the Whales.

To say if there were no whales there would be no game is crazy.

I see more complaints here from people who spent and didn’t get what they want, apparently thinking spending increased their odds. Most f2p complaints are about being left behind in the game.

My complaint generally is that all these new added features do nothing to enhance my enjoyment of the game.

Can’t wait for the backlash for the season 3 characters!
What do people expect of cause heros are going to stronger and better than the originals at least the costume is a option.

That is the one of the most ridiculous comments I have ever seen in so many ways.


I like the title here because I feel if your foolish enough to spend 1000s of dollars on an app game or if your financially stable enough to do so then by all means you have every right to do so. Just because I’m not in a position to do so doesnt make any difference in whather I play or not .If I like the game I play, if I don’t I uninstall it.Is their problems with balance maybe, have I played the grind without getting any five star heroes yes, but I’ve also got a whole mess of 4 stars that I don’t even have leveled yet so what is adding a five star hero going to really do to help me at this point in my game? Till I have maxed all my 4* or am able to go no further with what I have already been awarded from pulls Adding a 5* hero at this point really only pulls my attention off of maximising the heroes I already own. Too this forums credit and after awhile spending some time in here asking ?s and researching a few things. I’ve learned quite a bit thanks to other players on the forum. (Thank you all by the way )Just by focusing on better team building and proper leveling techniques I been able to improve my game considerably. By just tweaking a few teams in war that werent balanced or leveling heroes I have but let stay dormant because I didn’t realize their true value or potential over other hero’s that I mistakenly believed superior. So thus by improving my game and using better war strategy with my teammates I have been able to advance much faster than ever before even without spending money. Also as far as spending money goes to SGs credit they do put flash sales and event sales out there that if you play the game but don’t have a huge wallet anyone can afford and are quite a bit more value for your money than buying from the store during non event times and as a real fan of the game if you don’t pay anything to play or even throw out a few bucks to the developer for creating something actually worth playing than your just plain cheap and shouldn’t complain regardless of what your issue is. I buy what i can afford or what I think is worth the value of what im spending at the time because thats what I can do. The only question I do have and frequently wonder is whales is this ,because I see that a lot of the so called whales live in foreign markets what the exchange rate on foreign currency compared to The Good ol U.S. Dollar because and if it’s better can I start paying with mexican deneros instead of U.S. dollars. That is my only concern with the so called whales is if there paying less than I am per gem with their real currency if that’s the case then by all means to he’ll with the whales use their blubber was heating fuel Lmao.


I’m level 37 and I never said I like or dislike whales, just that they exist and are no doubt important for game developers to consider.

Who knows what financial position SG is in? Games are huge expensive projects that can sometimes flop spectacularly. Also I’m of the opinion that business owners should make more money than the rest of us. They’re taking a risk and if it pays off will mean employing a bunch of people thus making their lives better to say nothing of the enjoyment that comes from the product(s) being produced.

When it comes to purchases I have chosen not to spend anything and find it quite easy to stick to that. I do on the other hand drink an energy drink every day. It’s become an addiction that I’m dealing with and currently failing miserably - I’m drinking one right now. However I do not blame the manufacturer for my lack of impulse control. Naturally they run promotions from time to time to make their product seem even more tantalising than it already is but in the end the buck stops with me. I could choose to leave my wallet at home but as yet I haven’t done so.


Love it!!! MexxiSteve as I too am addicted to monster something about that cough syrupy energy in a can just gives me what I need when I need it lmao

F2P level 56. I agree with the OP. Don’t be a krill. Have fun with what you have!

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Yeap and both of those benefit all player groups those increasing the gap because they now to get more items correct and already have heroes waiting for them right?