Don't like the whales - don't be a krill

With every new feature I see the same two complaints:

  1. It’s just another way to line SG’s pockets.
  2. The whales will continue to get stronger and leave the rest of us behind.

In response to number one: if I had a business absolutely I would want it to make as much money as possible to pay my bills and continue to provide a quality product that makes some kind of positive difference in the world.

Number two there will always be whales and once again if I had a business keeping the whales happy would be one of my highest priorities as they put food on my table! No matter the addition to the game they are best positioned to gobble it up and get the greatest benefit from it but that doesn’t change anything for me. I’m FTP and plod along finding enjoyment where I can.

In short the whales don’t bother me because I’m not a krill, I’m some kind of guppy so I swim right on by looking forward to the next glorious anemone.


2 changes with overwhelming positive responses were increase in loot with easier tiers during monthly events and Atlantis rising. Both of these were for player benefit


Totally misread and thought you didn’t want me to use kiril… Maybe if I was a whale swimming with Ariel in my pod I wouldn’t have to!




Also I’m riding a wave as I’ve pulled two 5 stars in 5 days - Leo and Lia!

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All donations kindly accepted!

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There is ethical business and there are casinos and slot machines, yes let’s make as much money as possible whilst encouraging problem gambling :+1::+1::+1:


Why do people automatically assume that if they’re not happy with it that it must be for the benefit of whales?

Whilst I did spend quite a bit in my first year playing but have now dropped down to be more C2P if I’m totally honest and decided to continue investing at the rates I did when I started out a few of the features in the past year would have been quite annoying.

The main motivation behind spending is to get new heroes and then max them. Features like costumes and class emblems meant that heroes that you had that were maxed now have to be maxed to a new milestone such as +20 emblems or to chase its costume for their stat boosts. If you’ve previously shelled out to get the hero and max it being put in a position where you’re under pressure shell out again to max it out again rather than chase other heroes I would imagine to be annoying. Whereas you might want to try a max out a nice collection of heroes, SGG is quite happy to create a treadmill for you to keep taking the same heroes to new milestones.

Even adding the new Challenge Event heroes to the gate without increasing the odds for an event 5* to compensate for more 5* is more annoying the more of the existing Challenge Event 5* you already had. Think about it, let’s say until now you’ve never pulled a 5* event hero from a particular Challenge Event – your chance of pulling a new 5* hero from that gate per pull is 1% (granted it may not be the particular one you wanted but you will have gained something new from it) whereas if you’ve previously whaled out at that gate and got the 3 original 5* event heroes from that gate the odds of you getting something new from a gate that until recently you could ignore is worse at 0.4% per pull. The less 5* event heroes you have at a gate the better your chance at something new which doesn’t favour whales who’ve previously spent at that gate unless there is like a increased odds “Featured Hero” for the gate.

But anyway my point is that it is not all rosy to be a whale in this game, indeed the actual value for money you get in this game is terrible compared with a number of other games I’ve played. In the end it was the poor value for money that prompted me to drop down to C2P but if I hadn’t these new features and the accelerated power creep (the faster power creep is the shorter the lifespan of a hero before it is obsoleted and therefore reduces value for your money) that started with the new event heroes would have been my catalyst to drop down to C2P as it is quite clear SGG seems intent on moving to a strategy of finding new ways to put you on a treadmill to keep your existing heroes to a new max level. Eventually classes will go to +30 and costumes for HOTM and event heroes etc etc…


Dead on. Not that I don’t want to spend money in game, it’s just value provided by costumes seems bad. I mean what would be sensible choice here? Elena costume or Jean Francois?

I don’t enjoy gambling as much, never understood the allure. Rarely go to casinos, only at friends insistence. If this game becomes a casino with more shiny lights and less actual content, it becomes uninteresting


The shiny lights were installed years ago, they’ve put in flood beams now and it’s blinding


Also, I always hate the argument of, “A business wants to make as much money as possible” with justifying their prices. If Taco Bell value menu just changed everything to $5 but the same items, does that mean they just multiplied their value menu profits by 5?!? Why doesn’t everyone do this?!?

Obviously they don’t, because less people would find the value in that and less people would buy the product. Same thing with this game. I find value in spending money in this game, but not at the rate that this game is at. Like every game and every business out there, it is a balancing act. If you make too many things behind a paywall or make things too expensive, you will lose your base. Yes, there will be some whales, but it won’t be enough to sustain the profits you were making before. If you make everything free, people won’t have the motivation to spend money to advance further.

No need to make this situation so binary and act like people only think in one extreme, it’s a balancing act and maybe people have these criticisms because they don’t think the game is balanced


Nah, the game is perfectly balance. There is no reason to complain imo. I agree with the OP, each time I see a post about someone complaining, 99% of the time is just someone which doenst understand the game. So you see a lot of F2P players complaining about how the game is not fair because there is too much difference between players that invest money in the game and them. I dont get how ppl can complain when they are given something free.


I do think whales, real whales, do not help this game as much as they think.

When you buy a product at whatever price they want no matter what, you gradually encourage escalating prices of that product, making it out of reach for all the others.
Neverless, they pay more themselfs.

Sure you fill more developers pocket that may invest it for more features… or invest it to get even more revenue.

More money in their pocket doesn’t automatically means “more content” or “more life” for this game.

Saying whales must only be thanked for their spending habits is wrong and silly.

They do that only for their enjoyment, invest in the game is merely an excuse.
Nothing wrong with that. I would do the same if i could or want.
But picture them as angels that help the game makes me smile.

They helped this game grow, but at the same time they bring this spending madness upon us.


I agree with you. I’m also guilty on my part as one of the whales. Also, I am also concern that new players are finding it a daunting task to keep up, be it p2w or f2p. Right now buildings and levelling seems like taking forever, and the more layers of grind the game adds, the lesser the ‘new whales’ will be, and old whales will be leaving after all the ■■■■■■■■.
This game really needs to add more content and less money grabbing mechanism.

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Mexxi Steve, I disagree. I don’t want to see this become the next, Mobile Strike, GoW, or KoA. This game is becoming a store and that does not make it a better product.

You seems to equate complaining about new feature as hating the whales.

That is clearly wrong!

First of all, I am an F2P and I fully realize that this game is run using they money that the whales spent.

I do made complaint against the new feature but my complaint is never directed against the whales.

This forum is one of the ways for the developers to hear response from all kind of players. None of them should be silenced as long as they don’t break forum rules. P2W, C2P, or F2P, we all have the rights to give our feedback.


Just so you know, FTP/CTP give more then all the whales combined by just clicking on the 2 adds a day, just saying. Whales or not, WE don’t need you and either does SG.

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“In response to number one: if I had a business absolutely I would want it to make as much money as possible to pay my bills and continue to provide a quality product that makes some kind of positive difference in the world.”

SG makes hundreds of millions of dollars a year. Much more than enough to remain profitable and pay their employees. Don’t act like they are on the brink of closure if they don’t try to squeeze every penny from their customers.

I don’t hate whales, if you want to pay a ton go ahead. I used to myself quite often but SG has used up all the good will they earned. Even new features that I think are not nearly as bad as they could be (costumes) still overly rely on slot machine mechanics with no pathway towards earning the rewards you need/want.

Compare this to nearly any respected f2p game and the contrast is stark. Hell, even SG treats their WHALES like garbage (why I’m not one any more).

[Game 1]: see something you want, events can allow you to earn it and whales can outright pay for it.
[Game 2]: slot machine mechanics mitigated by crazy amounts of free spins handed out all the time that can earn you even the highest tier heroes.
[Game 3]: Like something? Earn it. Want to skip the grind? Whales can buy it outright without needing to pray for a .05% chance of it dropping.
[Game 4]: Only stash tabs and cosmetics for sale.

All these games are also successful (some incredibly so) and yet… somehow… SG has convinced people that it needs to set up a system where someone can spend $2000 and not get the thing they are trying to pay for to stay in business and this isn’t true. They’d be wise to take some of the massive earnings from this last year and invest in some player friendly systems to augment their already very successful mobile casino.

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Complaining about this game (providing feedback) is allowed. Listing game competitors skates awfully close to Rule 6.

Please follow Forum Rules.


P.S. I played [Game 1] for about 3 months. You can noticeably only get so far as a F2P. :wink:

Id like to know what level all you F2P’s are.

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