Don't hit me! Challenge

What’s the highest level you can complete without being hit a single time?

Can’t use: items, healing.

If you bring a healer with a bonus: Delilah with minions, BT with attack boost, etc., then you’re on the honor system that you didn’t use to heal, but used specials for their extra bonus.

But for simplicity, better to not bring a healer.

8-7, no need to go any higher anymore. :grin:

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Yeah. I’ll pass. I recently started just farming 23-11. I remember someone saying they can auto the dark lord. I was like “what?!?” Now I do it. Game evolution.

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I like 12.9 for fun. You can farm it with 3*'s for some extra fun and healing is optional.

I had plenty of recruits after Atlantis so I stopped doing 8.7 and switched to 12.9

Suddenly I couldn’t craft mana pots or get large bones for higher items!

I’m back to auto farming 8.7 and stacking all those extra recruits in level 11 TC

I’ve got well over 300 days in tc11 and 100 days in tc20. I’m ready to power level should I attract something nice.

All very well for the auto-farm challenge.

This would be not taking a single enemy hit, though.

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