Don't have the v21 update yet (Answer: the update is still being rolled out, and it can take several days)

I’ve been waiting all day and still no update for my android. I’m EST USA and my other friends have theirs but not me.

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Andriod implements a phased rollout mode, so that the update can be rolled out a bit at a time to check for major errors. And then the iPhone update will happen in one shot. It will likely be several days before everyone has the update available.

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Ok… I was just worried because it’s like something is trying to download but it keeps failing (see attached screenshot). I’m not having trouble with any of my other apps updating thru Google play.

No idea what that is, but it looks unconnected to the play store to me. Perhaps check the download manager of your browser?

Good idea and thank you. I’ll put my patience cap on :slight_smile: im way ready for sh21 and goodies.

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SH21 won’t be turned on until everyone has the update, so you’re not missing out :slightly_smiling_face: Hang in there!

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Thank you Garanwyn :smiley:


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