Dont buy heroes

I lost 4200 crystals in Red element magazine and got 7 Nashgar 3 Hawkmoon 3 Jahangir and 1 (!!!) Kelile. It’s not fair! Only three types of 14 tryes?

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That’s only 14, you should have gotten 20

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If you buy single pulls, 14 x 300 = 4,200

Guess they should have gone for the 10 pulls

I’m not sure everyone reads the screen for that deal. shrugs

Well it is random what you get. Sometimes you get lucky sometimes not. The chances are low and you really need to spend a lot to get good heroes. But you know, that is how F2P games work. Few people spend, so they need to spend a lot to pay for all the free players too.

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My first 10 pull I got 6 Banes and 3 Balthazars and 1 Skittleskull.

Then I did a 10 pull in yellow elemental and got Joon.

My next 10 pull was in the last event and I got Jackal, Falcon, Melendor, and Owl.

Then I pulled 10 in blue and got Kiril, Boril, and Sonya.

Finally did one in purple and got Quintus, Obakan, and Sartana.

Single pulls have netted me Tiburtus and Li Xiu. I got Li Xiu from an epic token that I got from finishing an ordinary monster chest.

I’ve been pretty lucky.

Not so much with ascension items though.

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I just bought 44 Nature hero’s. Not a single one was a 5 star. What a waste. I did get the hero of the month but that’s not what I wanted. I wanted Nature 5 star. Is it to hard to ask for 1 out of 20 at least be a 5 star hero?


Personally I think 44 pulls with no 5* is pretty unreasonable, but I’m sure you’ll read plenty of justification on these boards as to why the current system is ok, works, etc.

I don’t subscribe to that. I’ve now stopped all my spend after a run of 14 pulls with only 1 useable 4* (the rest being 3* or duplicates).

Own goal by E&P. I spent (a bit) until my team was mature, but now with a mature team the motivation to spend is gone - it would require too much spend (or incredible luck, which I don’t believe in) to improve from here. I must have pulled in the same (order of 40 to 50 times) and have only 1 5* to show for it - and that not even one of the better ones.

Nah… if I could be reasonably sure of getting something for my spend, I’ll continue to do so. But not willing to fritter my money away on low probability gambles.

Working towards T20 camps as my source of 5* now… but still have a way to go (on lvl 19 keep, but still have to improve my storage to get to L20, and then have quite a few training camp upgrades to have to invest). Dunno if I’ll have the patience.

Otherwise the other thing keeping me going is prospect of Alliance wars. If it’s based on the Raid mechanic, however (which I dislike) then it’s probably curtains for this game for me.

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This is really a normal random and luck/unluck to get a 5* or not
In my team i missed only a red 5* so the January was very good to try to get one because the Hero of the month is also red. so i waited that the red elemental is coming
i took the 10 Pulls and in the first 6 trys i got 2 times 4 4* heros and the oter 4 times always only 1 4* heros. all other only 3*
and than in the seventh try of the 10 Pull i got Marjana and 4 4* and 5 3*

you see marjana costs me 16200 diamonds :frowning:

for example my wife also needs at last 5* hero in purple and red. last days came the red elemental and by the first try of the 10 Pull she got Kaghan and 2 4* and 7 3* Heros
This is very good cause in my meaning Kaghan is one of the best red star heros.
now we wait for purple and lets see how many or less luck she has to get her purple 5* :wink:

for my meaning its really not fair. they should upgrade the rate to get 5* heros by the 10 Pulls but what are they doing… they upgrade the prices for the diamonds :frowning:
not nice of small giant

but as one of the other wrote here… now we have our mainteam to levelup all to 80 and so the moneyspending here is getting very less maybe until zero if small giant thinks they must get morre expensive

9 months in, 110 epic draws, including 70 elemental holy because I have the ascension items for a holy. ZERO regular 5 stars, 2 bonus 5s, one of which is worthless, Thoth