Donkey Dragon Punchers! FFA, War optional, must use ALL 6 hits. 7-8* Titans, looking to go up to 9-10* Range via recruiting

So we’re a pretty chill Alliance, we have some experienced guys and newer guys too, most of the veterans have grown in the Alliance so we don’t really like to have a cup limit (Currently 200 so we don’t have to kick all the new inactive’s after every war).

Our chat is friendly and drama free, sometimes we (i) might debate a little, but it’s all in good fun, we don’t require you to participate in the chat, but inform everyone you’re cool with the rules, when you come in. (All though, you’re welcome to, and we’d like it) BUT you are required to read it.

We also have people from all over the world, most from USA, but Asia and Europe too.

Currently we use Green tanks in wars and you’re required to use one as well. And as previously mentioned everyone must use all 6hits, but if you miss a flag we’re not going to burn you at the stake or anything, unless it’s frequent, then you’re out.

So if you’re looking for a chill, but somewhat competitive alliance you can comment below the post or contact, me in Line: jesse-ep (Alliance doesn’t have Line)

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