“Donkey Dragon Punchers” are recruiting :)

Dear all,

while writing this recruiting message I tried not to sound dramatic or desperate (hope it worked, you are the judge of truth after reading it :stuck_out_tongue: :slightly_smiling_face:).

Our alliance “Donkey Dragon Punchers” is recruiting 4-5 members. We would be super happy and glad to have you if you feel that our requirements and alliance background are what you need. We are a fun group of people from different countries, several continents, all english speakers and all ages. Most of the senior members are over 800 days in the alliance.

We are supportive, different level players, active with titans and wars. War is not mandatory, however, our only rule is that if you decide to opt in for war, you must use all your 6 hits. We use all our flags in war.

The group is very chill and fun, chat is most of the time clean, but we do have moments when we just enjoy talking. Only in-game chat. Drama free, all members are respectful and friendly. If you like to chat is ok, if you are a quiet person it is also perfect for us. Of course, chat instructions must be checked during war if you opted-in and also the daily instructions about titans (if we should kill/flask it/let it go). We are currently fighting 8-9* titans. We do not let any rares escape and we always finish all the PoV titan challenges.

Now, by reading this I am sure you already got it. Yes, I am one of the chattiest members (hmmm… maybe the chattiest…), no surprise there :)).
Well, in case you did like our description and after reading my boring long text you still survived and feel that you would like to join us, we are excited to have you :grinning:!

Super-thank you for taking the time to read this even if you do not feel you belong with us. And most important: have fun playing, guys :slightly_smiling_face:!


What colour war tank do you use?

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Hi Jge. We used to use green tank for a long time. At some point, recently, we got bored and wanted to test how it works without a specific color tank (each player with their best tank option) and it seemed it worked well and that we are strong even so. Of course, if we start losing we will get back to same color tank. Most probably we will try to rotate between green, yellow and purple since they are our best options :).

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Joining is HIGHLY recommended for everyone! It’s a fun and overall pretty chill alliance, and our only real requirement is using all flags if you participate in war :sunny:

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