Done with paying so turning CTP as of today

Yep. I’m turning CTP. Just VIP for me and maybe the 2 Euro offers.

I’m now in a stage i’m literally spending too much money on the game. Further on i have most 5 stars now.
As a matter of fact todays calendar offer gave me 3 2600 pulls and 5 hero pulls.

Hero pulls gave me Santa and 4th Evelyn, 1 10 pull on Avalon gave me Justice2 and Marjana4, 1 10 pull on Christmas gave me Lianna3. Frankly it’s costing me much too many money to get any new heroes. I’m not quitting the game, just going to keep the expenses down. This year cost me over 1.000 euro’s and i decided i can use the money better :smiley:

I got enough heroes to work another 2 years on leveling them.
And i’m still getting lots of 5* on tc20. For tc20 i’m just waiting for an Isarnia to show up which se probably will sooner or later.

1 Year of spending money left me with:


  • Zeline
  • Lianna x 3
  • Evelyn x 4
  • Gregorion x 2
  • Elkanen
  • Horghall


  • Panther
  • Sartana
  • Aeron
  • Mok-Arr
  • Khiona x 4
  • Domitia x 2
  • Quintus x 2
  • Obakan x 2


  • GMx2
  • Zimkitha
  • Marjana x 4
  • Azlar x 3
  • Khagan
  • Santa Claus
  • Captain Kestrel
  • Elena x 2


  • Delilah
  • Rana x 2
  • Joon
  • Vivica
  • Leonidas
  • Drake Fong
  • Guardian Owl
  • Justice x2


  • Magni
  • King Arthur
  • Alasie
  • Richard
  • Misandra
  • Aegir x 2
  • Master Lepus
  • Thorn

I got most 4* at least double. As you read fi Leonidas, i fed a couple of them… So i did with Thorn and others.

So based on what i have it would be a foolish decision to go on p2w. So CTP will be better for my personal economy and my enjoyment :smiley: I really enjoyed the pulling, but it will be tempered :smiley:
Next year it will be a brand new objective for my full frame canon eos5 :smiley:

Disclaimer: i will not be less active on the game or on this forum for those who hoped for that :smiley:


How many fully leveled?

I find my spending these days is almost entirely on packages with a 4* Mat to ascend my similarly over-crowded bench.


3… 6 at 4 50 and 3 at 4 low. But 12 at tier 4

Now bringing Evelyn to 4…

Would have stopped a long time ago in your shoes, you have more than enough 5’s.

But they’re each so bright and shiny and different … :star_struck:


:scream::scream::flushed::flushed: i can go to japan for 10 or 15 days :joy::joy:

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Is this a blog post or something?

Thumbs up for being smart about it! Its easy to get sucked in to paying tons… I say don’t say C2P just go… P2E. play to enjoy don’t need every single summons… or even to buy every special offer. Buy what makes since for you when it makes since for you. horde those gems and what not. Thats how I am going to start playing and have started playing. its easy to get sucked in when you first join so many shines. Now its like wow I have a full roster and … never enough materials to level or feeders.

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This should be a thing!!

I agree, it should be added to the Fictionary. I’m going to start using it!

Agreed and added. Good work @AngelPaladin


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