Donating/Gifting Heroes to Another Alliance Member

Idea for Donating heroes.

I feel we need a mechanic to donate (or give) a hero to another member of an alliance. Not a trade.

My Idea: Create a new building (like the troop center) that allows a player to donate heroes. I would convert one of my buildings to the new “donation center”. Then I could select a hero to donate and select a member of my alliance to receive the donation. For me it would cost me gems to do this. 300 gems for a 5*, 200 for a 4* and 100 for a 3*. It costs the player receiving the hero nothing. The donated hero is dropped to 1^1. The receiving player gets a splash screen that “player so and so has donated a hero to you” and they can claim their shiny new hero.

I know, what you are thinking. This sounds harsh and who would do this. I would and a lot of other high level players would also. Bear with me…

Small Giant needs to turn a profit. If they don’t, the game ends. If I donate a 5* for free it hits SG right in the profit center. They would loose the potential of gem purchases from the receiving player. Gems pretty much directly translate into money/profit for SG. By having the donating player pay gems, SG still makes money.

The hero donated needs to be dropped to 1^1. Otherwise it would unbalance the game badly. A player with only 2 and 3* heroes who suddenly gets a 4^80 is a mess and not fun in the long run.

Players should earn their high level heroes by leveling them up. No “realistic” amount of money can level up a hero to max without spending time playing the game.

The opposite it true for getting the heroes. Drop $300-500 and you will get every 4 and 5 star you probably will ever want.

I have a number of players in my alliance who are great, talkative players, but they are stuck at 3* for all their heroes. They are all on a budget, save their gems, buy the small specials and hope for a 4 or 5 star hit on their one epic summon per month… only to get another 3*. My fear is they will get frustrated and quit before they get that one 4/5 star they need to move on.

Yes, they could play for 6 more months and hit the training camps for a possibility of a 4/5. I want to short cut this a little bit for them as a reward for being awesome. They are great players and loosing them would be a loss for my alliance and the entire game.

Ok, that is it for now


God forbid your request.

Lol! And this is my other 17 characters

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Hmm. You provide the mechanic. You address SG’s profit. You cover game balance.

I actually like this. Not saying SG can or will ever provide trading, but I like this model the best of the ones I’ve seen.


Extremely well thought out. This has been brought to the devs attention many times but not so much as in this light. Only thing I would possibly add would be a trade option. Like star level for like. Both are gaining so both should pay. 5* trade would make the game 300 X2= 600 gems. Again have all heroes revert back to the level they were initially introduced. The devs have received money on both ends by two people in this scenario. When both bought gems to get their hero originally and now with this. Extra revenue for the game instead of us just eating the duplicates.


Interesting idea! It is a new approach.

Being the “people are generally egoistic at heart”-kind of person that I am, and also play the bad guy a bit, a few questions pop up.

  • Why should I pay, with real money/time/effort, for other peoples progress? Surely these resources can go to better my own team?
  • Wouldnt this in essense open up a real money transfer situation when “big spenders” can get part of their spendings back by selling heros using, say Swish or or some other money transaction system?
    A system completely out of SGs control.

I do however like the out of the box thinking! :slight_smile:


Hope so, wonder for how much I could sell my athena once I quit :wink:

(for real though, with one-time-only heroes this would probably create a nice little marketplace outside of the game, doubt they want that).

The players don’t get the gems, SG does.

If an egoist player doesn’t want to be out gems, they don’t have to use this…ever.

If an altruistic player wants to help someone, they are not permitted to unbalance the system by giving a fully maxed 5* to a day-old or week-old player. Both must pay into the system, and the 5* Hero (in this example) will be dropped to lvl 1.


I understand the other player wouldnt get the gems, that wasnt the point I was making.

But paying gems to give another player a hero, any specific duplucate hero, is essentially one player giving the other player money, AND giving away some property too. Does that sound like a deal many people would enter into happily?

I personally dont think so. I think it would create a “black market” for buying/selling heros. And honestly I think that would damage the game, the community and SG reputation.

But I could be wrong.
None of this might happen.
People may jump at the idea.
Or simply just not use it.

Think of it like this: you have a Joon and Musashi. You won’t realistically be able to level them both up in this lifetime (looking at you 5* ascension items). Your friend just rolled 8 Banes, one Hu Tao, and one Ganju from his 10x Elemental Summon. You feel sorry for him. You pay 300 gems to give him your Musashi. You’re both happier for it.

Now problems with this and why I don’t see it will ever happen:

  1. Trade. If your friend knows you have the Musashi, they will wire you 5$ via PayPal for the gems and get the Mushi instead of rolling for the ES.
  2. More trade. Say, there’s a player in an alliance sitting on 4 Sartanas. They say that’s the case on some shady Discord, players go, wire him 10$ for gems and get his Sartanas. Black market begins to flourish that has nothing to do with helping your buddies.
  3. While yes, those 4 Sartanas were fully paid for (the player had to have rolled many many times… or be a lucky bastard), allowing him to give them away will, generally, discourage other players from rolling.
  4. Trolling for heroes and waiting for opportunities to get one for just 300 gems. Let’s say a player wants a Lianna. They don’t have the money to keep rolling Greens (or don’t want to spend the money on it). They can sit and wait till someone else, who doesn’t want [another] Lianna gets one. Then the sale is beneficial to both of them (yes it would most likely end up with the receiving player having to pay the grand majority of time, just outside the game).

Simply put - a good idea for friendly players, great idea of the businessmen around, bad idea for the loners who don’t get around much (no friends, no Alliance friends, no going to outside ‘market’ places).

IF SG ever allows some inter-player interactions, I’d guess it will be an option to gift players gems. Nothing more, nothing less. I think an ability to trade ascension items would be the second most possible thing. Gifting heroes? I sincerely doubt it.


Gosh I never thought of it that way. Eep! I don’t like that at all…

Another thought: you have 4 Sartanas and everyone in your alliance knows it. Now you have potential discord among alliance mates all fighting for “who got you first” to give them Sartana…alliance peace and happiness goes bye bye.

Rats! I liked this idea!!

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Yeee. Or if you are one of the poor Sartana-less folk and you don’t get it from your buddy it wouldn’t feel so good, would it? I can already see giant suck-up fests and people trying to squeeze into high level alliances in hopes of being gifted some heroes. Then, for example, leaving, like douches. Leaving everyone with a bad taste in their mouths.

Initially, I liked the idea too, but then I started to see the problems :roll_eyes:

But I think it would be okay if you could trade 5* ascension item for another 5* inside the alliance. 4* for 4*, 3* for 3* etc. It still wouldn’t help stilted progress that much for most people, but at least it would give a chance to beg out that 6th item from someone else down the line potentially reducing some frustration. With a fair trade like that it would also not be possible to come out as a complete douche by leaving after taking something and it would be less drama-inducing.

[ yes, I know there’s no 5* items, but there should be for clarity’s sake so I’m pushing my agenda by using this system anyway :grin:]


The day hero trading becomes part of Empire’s & Puzzles is the day I quit the game & leave perminitly. Trading/donating hero’s or items will become a boondoggle. Some players & alliances will take advantage of trading big time, so much so it will become a monopoly a business atmosphere. I’ve played mobile games with character trading & it’s not a fun environment. So many cheats & underhanded players take over the game, that player thinks they must interact with a shady user to get ahead. A few alliance’s will become so big & bloated off of trades, then there will be the small alliance that will never have any hope of getting bigger & better, because they can’t or be able to afford it.

Trading seems like a lose, lose situation for this game. Trading has it’s place in some games, just not this one. There are some PC games I’ve played & trading works well within them. I like, & want, Empire’s & Puzzles to keep improving for the better, not for the worst.

I wish there where more ways to obtain (4* 5*) ascension items. Perhaps SG will find creative & innovative ways so there users can receive more ascension items. SG needs to find special ways for player to get a 5* hero. Buy a hero from there store, & off course it would cost more. Give a 4* 5* hero to a new players who has joined, E-&-P for the first time, some mobile games do this already. I agree, that there should be a daily/monthly rewards program implemented into the game. Last day of the month reward should be a 4* ascension item. SG needs to do something that will be beneficial to us all just not a few & or bloated alliance’s.


This is on the surface a simple game. The reason I play it is because it may be simple, but it runs very deep. This discussion highlights that.

Thank you so much for the compliment of my “Out of the box” thinking. I am gratified and honored. (No Sarcasm)

My goal was to provide a altruistic method of donating my extra heroes. But you have provided excellent thinking poking holes in the idea. Lets see if we can solve the issues.

I love the idea of trading using this mechanic, but I suggest we shelve that for now. The simple idea of donation is complex enough. Once we solve donations, trading would be V2. BRATacus: I love that idea!

Also, I recommend we not include assertion materials trading here. I feel this is a much more complex topic and if we can not answer this “simple” topic we will not be able to answer the more complex issue of trading ascension materials.

Issues as I see it from your comments (no order):
1). Players dumping their heroes when they quit
2). Out of game market places
3). Unbalancing a player by dumping lots of heroes
4). Trolling for heroes
5). Gift receivers vs non gift receivers
6). Lone Wolf players don’t benefit (including Mercenaries)

7). Lastly Demus’ comment this is not a “trading game”. This is worth special mention. We do not want to fundamentally change the game. I like the idea of adding a small trading mechanic, but it should not become the focus of the game.

I feel we are close to something. Thoughts?

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Its a good thing to keep the discussion going, but I’m drawing a blank when it comes to opening up any kind of trade without also opening up the possibility of “black market” and/or abuse.

I wish I had a good idea here because I really want a Sartana haha!


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Nice idea, but a little expensive 300 gems for 5* donate, ou can put a option to pay with and mineral’s.

I had the idea before AW. I had 2 extra Vivicas, a Quintus and 3 grimms that I had no use for. I was looking for a use rather than just feeding them to other heroes. Post AW, I need every posible hero. This is one of the teasons the idea died.

The other was that it would have caused issues with “you gave that person a hero, but did not give me one”.

I liked the idea also, but the game evolved making it moot.

I also think this is well thought out and a great idea. I am all in for this idea

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Yea… allow the heroes trade and you will witness an army of multi accounts and bots farming rare stuff which could be traded for real money… so it just wont ends well…

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