Donald Trump is a 5* hero?!

We are not here for politics, any politics addict please go on your favorite platform.
The entire topic is a fantasy, please take it as that.
Also, this is more like an inside joke for Americans, I am not expecting players from other countries to get the fine-print jokes, but you are welcome to add yours.

So let’s say on November 6 E&P will have an event for Middle Terms Elections.
What Heroes from politics do you want to see, what color and stars you want it to be?
For example:

  • Bernie Sanders: 5* Blue, healer, except he will heal all enemies, not allies.
  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: 4* Purple (if you know what I mean), 50% attacker, 50% healer, special skills: NONE.
  • Ted Cruz: 4* Red, he’ll take back any heal you receive (wink, wink) and will attack softly at knees.

Please continue.