Don’t take your heroes for granted

This post is for anyone but especially newer players. It’s getting close to a year for me on Empires and puzzles. Unfortunately I did not join this forum right away and to be perfectly honest I didn’t have a clue. I spent a little money and got wrapped up in the five star hero quest. Didn’t know how hard they would be to level. I burned up many good four star heroes on leveling my five star. :flushed: it’s actually embarrassing and way too long of a list to mention. Let’s just say there are many great heroes I would have fully leveled by now but at least I’ve finally learned. :+1:t3: So keep those heroes around even if you don’t understand them at first, there are many people that will help you along your path. If this helps anyone then my post was more than worth my time. @zephyr1 if this should be merged that would be OK but it might never be read if it get’s shuffled to the back. I will leave that to your good judgment :grinning:


Excellent advice. We’ve probably all been there, and if this helps just one person then the post was worth it.


You said it, I still remorse , I need to get over that. So I guess we all live and learn by our mistakes here and of course in real life. If we don’t then that’s on us :flushed:

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Nah, you’re good. :wink:

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