Don’t Partecipate On Tournaments &Dont Spend Money For 2 Months!

This is a call for all the players that like to COMPETE for TOP 1-10 Postions, and feel that this Tournament is just the worst thing the devs ever made. Rubbish just Rubbish ! They started it b4 it was ready to be released and promised us that they keep working to fix it ,instead of that they made it even worse that it was adding a 5th day just to grabb gems ,making the toourbament basically just a gem eater! This tournament was supposed to be fun not garbagge ! I still dont see any move from the devs to make the tournament fun for us but ,mostly its something that just keep pushing people away from the game and make em loose the interest on the game in general.So im ivinting everyone to not partecipate on tournaments and dont spend money next 2 months !


I haven’t spent money for 18 months.

But I do like the tournament very much.

What’s would you like to see improved?

Matchmaking or loot or special rules?

I think most people would agree that the continuation fee is too high to be attractive.


I dont spend money either ,but i dont see it correct that same
Power targets gives more points for someone ellse than me (have proves for that) ,and dont see it correct that someones deffences is being attacked like more than 15 times daily (win /loose dosent matter ) and mine only once daily (maybe win maybe loose dosent matter) ,talking 4 same power deffences too…

The matching doesn’t make much sense but it doesn’t cost anything. Separate energy, nothing required to enter, extra count towards raid chests. I don’t look at it as anything meaningful but a bonus of sorts. I don’t see a point in spending gems for continues because the rewards aren’t significant enough to justify it. It’s just another opportunity to play the game in another way. It’s a fun addition if you don’t take it too seriously.


Your point is a good point and i respect it ,but im playing a game and is fun for me to compete that has nothing to do with taking it too or less seriously is just the way everyone play their game…i dont care about materials as much as i care about having fun …

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I absolutely love the tournament, however the added fifth day has definitely pushed me out of the top 1% multiple times already. Enough people are paying to continue for the extra emblems… although it would be worse if the rewards were what they were.

As FTP missing those gold coins is killing me. If you asked me now, I would rather have payed a 10-25 gem entrance fee and not have the option for people to buy the added continues.


I wonder how many people actually do pay to continue? I did this last one for the first time. I was top 1% until the very end. I knew about where the cut off was as I was flirting with it the whole time. The odds for the emblems tempted me and I paid 75 gems. Got 20 emblems, 2 gold coins, and other stuff. Had I not been that close on the last day, I wouldn’t have paid to continue.


All spenders probably pay everytime they’re out. 75 gems is really a small price to pay for them to have additional content and better chance on more stuff.

At least that is what i would do in their shoes :sweat_smile:

Honestly, if you want to organize a protest to get better conditions, ask for better odds on legendary summons.

Tournament is hard and highly linked to opening boards (expecially later) but still fun and possibly achivied without spending anything.


Sorry, but I cannot just stop joining the tournament. I agree that the whole conception and maintenance are only favorable to the developers, however any possibility of running opportunities for get AM cannot just be ignored.
I do not like the tournaments at all. My way of protest against unfair matchmaking is very simple: I am using mono defense. I end up at rank E or D. I think it is fair to my opponents who probably get low points fighting a strong defense. The way my defense is built up gives almost all the players a chance to get a victory.
Having players getting succeeded makes me feel relief, because they probably won’t need to pay gems to continue playing till Friday.

I really like the tournaments.

  1. They give you some loot, even if you underperform. Sure it may not be wow but it is better than nothing.
  2. They give you a reason to diversify your team and level up different heroes that only have niche applications.
  3. They provide a fun and engaging tactical challenge of trying to optimise your defense and offense under a new set of rules.
  4. They provide free extra battle flags that allow you to fill your raid chest more quickly and efficiently.
  5. They allow for people that haven’t been playing for years to feel competitive if they are 3 star tournaments. ( I have been playing two months or so but can at least breach top 10-5% in these tournaments. In all other parts of the game I don’t really come close )

I dislike the entire 75 gems to continue thing but you won’t really be getting top 1% if you need to do that very often anyway. People complain about the pay to win element that this game has but there is a team of developers with families that need to be fed. If there was no point in paying then there would be no game to discuss at all. So I won’t be getting top 1%. It is still better than having nothing at all.


Well, I could agree that there are some things that could be changed in the tournaments.
For example, I would completely remove the re-enter fee ( dead is dead ) and organize the tournament in leagues with relegation fights of the best and worst 5%. Important, I would keep the loot for each league the same, just with different Avatars for the best 1%. So the best 1% of the highest league could win a special “Gold league 1% Avatar”.

What I could not agree is the way you opened the thread, just complains and hints, no solutions or suggestions.

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I love the raid tournament… it isn´t perfect (loot, matchmaking on the defence part) but its for free and its fun. Have only 5 3* maxed but i also enjoy 3* tournaments… love to fight with trainers :slight_smile:

The only big problem in those tournaments is the continue fee, all spenders get to top 1% alwayes cuz the spend gems to get there even if they pay twice. I am a c2p player and i did it only twice to get top 1% for sure, but they have much better teams so the alwayes end up in top 1%. This way just make all this idiotic tournament a pay to win stuff. No skills required if u can buy your way in when u need too. I see all those players in youtube doing the tournament and it just make me sick, but hey all this game is developed to get our money so it nit surprising me that this features as all the other they added in are money grabbers…

actually thats not true that you can buy top 1% with gems… with every lost fight you also loose the needed points… you can buy top 5%, top 10%…

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I got a dblade out of the last tournament so I think it is great.

I cant belive that for most of u this tournament is ok ,think u started see the things like devs wants …most of u says that tournaments gives us extra mats or filling chest faster etc ,i dont have anything again extra mats ,my point is that the way they builded tournament Is just a bigg joke for all the comunity …U must know that they need us more than we need em …But everytime they act like we need em more that they need us and think they r rite seeing the way of thinking here !

Your posting -espaecially the last sentence- is the essence of the game.

E&P is a fun addition to life, if you dont take it too seriously!

when it comes to an addiction, E&P will be a PITA (pain in the .ss)

You really haven’t made a point, you’ve only complained about not liking the tournaments.

My thread started with this This is a call for all the players that like to COMPETE for TOP 1-10 Postions , so think this is my point that players dont have fair chances to compete on this tournaments against each others , and this is for a long list of problems that tournaments have that most of us already know , like deffences not being attacked same amount of times daily , same power targets giving different points from player to player etc …as for loot its what its i dont care that much since im plating this game for a long time i know how the odds works so im not expecting any better loot just fair chances to compete for the top positions.

I definitely don’t think the tournaments give all players the same chance to reach top 10 positions, if that is your goal. I stopped doing the tournaments, but when I was participating in them, it seemed like my final score was mostly arbitrary, depending largely on boards, which opponents the game chose to match me against, and how many people attacked me (and the variations of their own personal boards and teams, etc.). A couple of times I actually placed in the top 5% (think I even made top 1% once), other times I barely squeezed into the top 25%. Never got anything exceptional loot-wise, aside from the very first tournament where the loot tables were ridiculously generous.

It is still an easy way to fill hero chests, and provides free loot (good or bad), and probably a fun diversion for people who enjoy raids, but I do agree that it’s not exactly perfectly balanced in terms of where a player places in comparison to other players.

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