Don’t forget to lock your phone before putting it in your pockets kids!

Because you can accidentally do very silly stuff. Feeding a 5* to a 1*…that hurts on a very personal level :joy:


@JonahTheBard there is worse jonah :slight_smile:


Go to each of your hero’s and on the top left corner LOCK ALL OF THEM NOW. That shht happened once it will happen again!



Deepest condolences @Cheds

We have a self help group for victims.

We are both suffering from PTSD - Padlock The Summons, Dummy.

My Lianna went a similar way


Hindsight is 20/20 right.

Didn’t even know about the padlock…but now they are all padlocked.

But as my mate said, that solves the dilemma over which 5* I should level first now.

Silver lining and all that


There’s no chance they’ll give you a pardon and restore the hero at all?? :frowning:

Sad way for a 5* to go.

Accidentally…yeah " you have chosen to feed xxxx a rarity…to ascend a hero…" Confirm

And the acknowledgement goes silently in the pocket “yes”…

Good thing for activities logs, helps indeed to keep tracks of strange disappearance of stuff, either from sleep trance or trance effects of weekend booze.

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I had a very friendly conversation with support, but the policy is absolute.

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Yep…it’s gone. Such is life eh.

Look at that smug face…the saddest thing is it only did 10 levels…

Do I keep him as a reminder of the stupidity??? I feel I need to max level him now…almost like a true monument to stupidity.



You should power level him as you said for reminder :grinning:

Yer, there might be a 1* tournament around the corner!


@JonahTheBard yes indeed…no one in my alliance expected a 2* one so who knows :joy:


Don’t forget to lock your important heroes and disconnect before locking your phone before putting it in your pockets kids.

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That is really sad. I always lock my heroes right away. Many nights I have snapped awake to find the phone in hand with buildings moved on the home screen. I am surprised by how many people don’t know about or use the little padlock. It is covered in the tutorial as you are playing. It shows you how to lock them so they can’t be consumed. It is kinda sad that they won’t give it back in a case like this as clearly you didn’t mean to do that. However I can also see why they hold a strict policy because people would find some way to use this to their advantage then ask for refunds, etc. I can’t see how but I imagine it might be done. Plus SG now knows that you will be chasing another 5*. It’s not like you fed away Thorne…LOL.

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I’m crying for u bud. My mouth has been open for 5 mins straight in disbelief.

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Was it maxed? Or unleveled? Please say at least unleveled.

Let this be a cautionary tale to all. LOCK YOUR HEROES AND TROOPS YOU WANT TO KEEP.

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The thing is though… even if you Did lock your heroes… there would still be a wildly rare chance that you could still end up feeding that hero if you didnt lock your phone. :o

Well, I suppose you could use him in the current tournament.

And sorry for your loss, friend. I would be devastated if I fed away a 5* hero that way.


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