Don’t change costume hero to non costume if hero is used elsewhere

I set my war defense with costume magni and Must have used non costume magni in the tourney. Well it switched my war team and messed it all up. If someone sets a costume hero in their tourney team or war defense, just leave it alone. There’s no reason to think someone would want the other version there. Just let people set what they want and leave it alone.

Hi, welcome. It is annoying isn’t it. I have done similar multiple times. :slightly_smiling_face:


This feels like a real issue. I should be able to set a hero in defence for war, and they should stay there. Not change their costume, because I have changed the costume for an event/level before war. Can this please be looked into.


I’ve done this so many times… Smdh. :woman_facepalming: If I wasn’t lead, I’m pretty sure my alliance mates would boot me.


+1 because i agree it’s poor game design, not because i agree we’d boot you. :rofl:

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