Domitia, Leonidas, Tiburtus - Tiny Portrait Fixes

There are a few portraits in the game that have details that peeve me. I felt like changing this or that today. The fixes are tiny, I didn’t want to touch the general feel/character/design of the characters.

The images I used were tiny resolution so it took a few minutes and is definitely nothing perfect, but I just wanted to ask if anyone else agrees or if it’s just me.

The Leonidas hairline is tilting me daily… :scream_cat:

I have resized her right eye a bit and moved them both down a tiniest notch. The eye always stroke me as unnatural, a bit like what Chihuahua’s got going on.

Turned his wig into hair. Just barely. He might still be using some fancy ■■■ extensions, but don’t tell anyone.

Un-bent the bend in his forehead (and forgot to add the noble wrinkle, sorry Tib, another time), moved the shadows under his eyes to a more eye-baggy location. Calmed his rampant chin down the tiniest bit.

EDIT: As requested

Delilah’s neckseam:

Feeding Vivica:

Panties for Zeline:

De-monkeyfying Quintus’ arms:


Seriously, Leonidas don’t have hair under his arm.

It is a wig :face_with_monocle:


Maybe he was born hairless (alopecia? unsure how that’s called actually) and is overcompensating by wearing VERY over-the-top wigs. But if that’s the case I still think SG could afford to give him better quality stuff that looks more natural :confused: I mean, it’s 2018, the technology is here.

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Great improvement! I love how much more natural the new changes are.

Thanks, 2 Spookd :slight_smile: Though I guess I’m more easily peeved by such things than others hah :stuck_out_tongue:

lmao glad im not the only one spotting stuff like this and not being able to unsee it :joy: :rofl::sweat_smile:
let’s not forget the basic perspective and anatomy issues with some of them, but it’s a game, not an art class, so it’s fine really… but… lol xD

While we’re at it, can we please fix Ares’ tiny head, Quintus’ gangly ape-arms, and maybe let Azlar know that resting the blade of that sword on his bare shoulder is probably not the best idea?

If someone wants to give Vivica a cheeseburger and Zeline a pair of underwear, that’d be awful helpful, too.



Ares’ head is not tiny. He wears an exoskeleton. So I really don’t know why so many people are complaining about his head. :laughing:

Oh, and Delilah’s neckline. The color is off. It looks like she’s got either an awful farmer’s tan or some kind of horrid makeup line.

I can’t not see it. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Ok as long as we’re griping about character designs I can’t stand high heels on the ladies, especially Sartana and Zeline. :face_with_monocle:


Can’t let the girls go cold and hungry, can I?


Vivica’s left hand is calling for a coke!

I considered a pack of fries :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

All right, that’s all I can do for Quintus in a few minutes, I think it’s one of my least favorite character images in this game:

Gentle reduction of the ‘neckseam’ for Delilah:

Literally unplayable…


[20 chars though there’s no need for them pff]

Vivica burger is just the top.

Please do other like that.

it came up in alliance chat… but Tibs the Shortie also needed better proportions…

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I went ahead and fixed Ares…

He should look like an ancient Greek, not a robot. :smile:


Nice details! I’m not sure if it’s my eyes but could you take a look at Leonidas’ feet. I think it’s reversed. The artistry of these heroes is a plus for me & why I love this app. Keep up the awesome job!

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