Domitia in Version 20 - Is she worth the emblems?

I only have Domitia as the lone purple 5 star hero, and with the current version increasing the damage percentage on her offensive skill, is she worth the Rogue Emblems?

Our alliance have been using purple tanks as there is a proliferation of purple heroes to better their chances at toppling Guinevere and other holy tanks in wars, we opted to use purple tanks by that reason and because there are really no strong classic holy 4 star heroes. Among those trainable from the Training Camps, only Wu Kong has over 700 attack, while the rest are measly below that. We all agree that the core heroes in this game are the 4 star heroes, getting Joon and other holy 5 star holy heroes with over 700 attacks are difficult to acquire, much less their ascension items need to max them.

Any ideas, guys?

Unfortunately I don’t think Domitia is a good tank. She can be useful as she increases defense for herself + nearby allies against holy, plus dispels buffs from target + nearby…….they didn’t raise her attack damage by much, and doesn’t have great defense.

I don’t think I would use emblems on her, although that is easy enough to reverse if you decide to now and get something better later…I would probably choose to do the increased defense path if I did.

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Thanks for your insight @LadyAnesthesia

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You’re very welcome! And I am sure others may feel differently, always good to hear a lot of opinions before you decide. All these new buffs with version 20 have most of us taking a closer look at our older heroes.

Curious, who would you spend Rogue Emblems to?

Khiona Marjana Alice


Agreed @Dante2377…and in that order too. But don’t forget your 3* and 4*, as they have become more useful for the class trials, and will be in the upcoming raid tournaments as well. Also for competing in the challenge events if you do those.

I think if you have a top tier 5 star in that class at 80, they should get the emblems.

If you have to choose between a middling 80 or a good 4 star (i.e. quintus vs Sabina), then it’s more of a discussion.

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Yes, true…the OP said Domitia was their only 5* purple, and they are using purple tanks for war…not sure what other heroes they might have in purple, or if there is a purple 4* that, even with emblems, would work as a tank.

I would say Domitia is viable as a tank once you get a few emblems going for her.

Her talent mitigates the direct special damage.
Put all possible emblems to health and defense and flank her with purples (let’s say Rigard and Cyprian for purple 4* since Domitia is your only 5* dark)

Try to find the good in every hero. Only some are less obvious in terms of their abilities and synergy.

Inari not in the mix?

evade is better for flank or wing where heros are taken out mostly by specials. tanks are usually taken out by tiles, a waste of rogue talent.


I like your view, including the idea presented by @LadyAnesthesia, that emblems may be used by Domitia. But would it not be more viable if the Domitia tank is flanked by holy heroes i have (Drake Lee and Onatel) instead of 2 purple heroes flanking the tank?

I was in the thinking that using emblems on a hero not only gave them talents and increasing the probability of such talent being activated, but it also raises the stats of that hero. By focus-raising the defense and health of that hero, it increases survivability to anything that is thrown to the talented tank. Some of us think that using emblems is for talents only, but a significant amount of stats are also being added, more than the talent itself.

If a talented Domitia is flanked by Drake Lee and Onatel, I am more inclined to have this as a better set up than her being flanked by 2 purple heroes. 99.99% of us uses tiles to kill the tank, but that is only if when you are given favorable boards. In the attempt to manipulate the board to get the desired tiles, Domitia and her flanks may have already charged their mana and most holy attackers would have difficulty killing Domitia and flanks with +94% defense against holy attacks, similar to what Kashhrek does when his skill is activated, causing problems to attacking fire heroes. The thing is Kashhrek heals himself and nearby while Domitia attacks and dispels.

Yes it is very much possible.

Mine was just an idea as I have no idea of the roster that you have. Flanking purple forces your opponent to stack yellow and also having having the yellow defense buff helps. If you flank yellows, high chances your opponent would stack a neutral color.

For those that know me, I dont like to put down any hero if possible. One should be happy with the heroes that they have rather than be unhappy with not having what they dont.


It would seem, if your focus is you want a better 5* purple tank for war, and she is your only 5* purple, then maybe you should spend the emblems on her. I like titan slaying, so mine went to jackal, and if not jackal, then someone like scarlett with the wicked attack stats.

I will throw out another option - cyprian instead. You’ll get some decent increases on stats with emblems, he has a natural ‘tank’ skill with the talent tree, and just got his riposte damage buffed. If you don’t have a buttload of 5* (and don’t spend much like me) then we should be talking 4* purple too.

Not ahead of any of the 3 I listed IMO.

Nah. Cyprian as tank by reason of his counterattack buff? Nope. His skill is rendered inutile by bringing dispelers who are very abundant in this game and easy to acquire and max, i.e. Melendor, Caedmon, Sabina, Sonya, among others. When his skill is dispersed, he is just a sitting duck. Heck, i could bring against a Cyprian tank a 3-2 team set up with Melendor and Sabina in it, no damage to be gotten from perfect riposte.

I was offering a suggestion as another option. Every hero can be countered, that much is obvious.

Alright. Thank you for your ideas @sleeperZ96BT. Much appreciated.